XXXSSS Tokyo New Single Out Sep 30!


本日予約開始(9/30 Release)!!😱😱

早速XXX$$$からXXXSSS Tokyoへの改名後初となる9/30リリースの第一弾シングルは、大阪にてNEW KID’N PLAY の一員として活躍するMC MOGGYYをフィーチャした「キニスンナ!」。ヒップホップ、ソカ、バイレファン キやサンバの要素をミックスした、XXXSSS Tokyoならではのトロピカル・ベースミュージックとなっており、 思わず手が上がるパーティチューンに仕上がっています。

ジャケットのアートワークはLittle DragonのアルバムやPVを手がけるなど、国外でも非常に評価の高いアーティストHIDEYUKI KATSUMATAが担当。






We have changed out group name from XXX$$$ to XXXSSS Tokyo last Friday and today we’re announcing our first single under this new name dropping this coming Friday!

Is it soca? Is it hip­hop? Or could it be some kind of twerky hint at carnival? Nobody will ever know. What we do know is that the shy girl 3 rows down threw her shoe up because the heel broke and then did squats. There was also a businessman spraying strangers with foamy dranks and a barmaid serving herself.

This song isn’t asking for much ­ lose the worries and throw your shizz up in the ayeeer. If you don’t have shizz, then maybe throw a gunfinger? Nobody minds.

MC MOGGYY, the busiest voice in Osaka, delivers an equal mix of vibes and laughs and “hype man ting”. Snares roll like Trinidad, kicks stomp like London, except that this is Tokyo and everybody is bouncing.

Artwork is by a world renowned cartoonist Hideyuki Katsumata, known for his work with Little Dragon.

iTunes pre-order:!-feat.-mc-moggyy/id1154454375?l=en