XXXSSS Tokyo - [B.O.P.E.] Out Now!




10/14リリースの第二弾シングルは、これまでも様々な現場でプレイされてきたXXXSSS Tokyoの代名詞とも言 えるアンセム「B.O.P.E.」。ブラジル・リオデジャネイロのファヴェーラを取り締まる特殊部隊の名称を引用し たタイトルの通り、ゲットーかつトロピカルなベースサウンドが展開され、ドラムの連打とホーンに思わず体が 動き出すアゲアゲな一曲です。

なお、「キニスンナ!」、「B.O.P.E.」ともに、ジャケットのアートワークはLittle DragonのアルバムやPVを手 がけるなど、国外でも非常に評価の高いアーティストHIDEYUKI KATSUMATAが担当。ビジュアル的にも日本か ら世界へダイレクトにアプローチする作品になっています。



B.O.P.E. We haven’t been to Brazil. But we imagined that we had and it was so so so so full of brass. Really many horns. There were also lots of chopped up bits of human voice, all kinds of triplets and the most excessive use of woodblock in the history of woodblock.
Recently we heard there was a ruthless police unit in Rio called B.O.P.E. and then we also heard there might’ve been a ruthless policeman at our show, shaking that bumper. At ease officer. Like the B.O.P.E. from Rio, our B.O.P.E. is bad news. Dirty, ruthless and not afraid to cause damage. There is no machine gun fire, but there is some seriously crazy woodblock and everything is suspended in a tropical flux.
Tried and tested on 1000s of club goers worldwide, this definitive XXXSSS Tokyo anthem has become the cue to strap on helmets, raise the banners and get ruthless with those dance moves. The artwork for both singles is courtesy of world renowned cartoonist Hideyuki Katsumata, known for his work with Little Dragon.