XXXSSS Tokyo 4th Single [DAWGZ] out now!

Artist:  XXXSSS Tokyo
Title: DAWGZ
Format: Digital (iTunes and all major stores)
Label: XXXSSS Tokyo
Cat #:  XSTY04
Distribution: KSR Corp.
Release Date: December 21, 2016



XLII(シリー)とDJ SARASAによるベースミュージック・ユニット=XXXSSS Tokyoが「キニスン ナ! feat. MC MOGGYY」、「B.O.P.E.」、「Porra」に次ぐ2016年シングル第4弾「DAWGZ」を12 月21日にリリース!
(※2016年9月より「XXX$$$」から「XXXSSS Tokyo」へ改名しました)

今年9月の改名後、立て続けにリリースした3枚のシングル「キニスンナ! feat. MC MOGGYY」、「B.O.P.E. 」、「Porra」も好調で、さらに11月には渋谷LOUNGE NEOにて行なわれたリリースパーティも成功させた XXXSSS Tokyo。

2016年最後のリリースとなる今回のシングル「DAWGZ」(ドッグズ)はXXXSSS Tokyoの十八番(おはこ)で あるストレートなベースミュージックで、タイトルの通りスパイスとして“犬”の雄叫びが響き渡り、緊迫感と興 奮が同時に押し寄せてくるライオット(=暴動)チューンに仕上がっている。

XXXSSS Tokyoからの少し早めのクリスマスプレゼントをご堪能ください!!!


Keeping up with the series of consecutive singles, XXXSSS Tokyo delivers their fourth release to wrap up 2016 with a loud, bassy and infinitely energetic bang.
This combo of Ukraine born / UK raised XLII, and Japan born / NYC raised DJ SARASA has been ruining fresh sneakers and fine clothing of dancers worldwide, from main stage at ULTRA JAPAN and Olympic Stadium in Korea to tropical bashments in Indonesia and goosebump locations in Mexico.

First there was something not entirely unlike soca with “Kinisunna”, then there was something not entirely unlike Brazil with “B.O.P.E” and then we said upon them: “Thou shalt dance really really wonky to the wonkiest of whistles” and they so did with “Porra”. Now, we deliver you the most beastly song in the history of XXXSSS. We give you DAWGZ. No, not your homies. This one is literally all about thugged out Chihuahuas, ripped Pomeranians and dodgy Pugs.

We’ll be honest, this tune is pretty doggy. So doggy, it’ll make you snarl. It’s so doggy, it’s got actual barks in it. It’s so very doggy, the cover’s got a dog face on it. The very dogginess of it made us call it DAWGZ. Besides the cover, AND the title, AND the pug references, AND all the barks, there’s also a particularly doggy vocal sample to put the sheer dogginess of this track in perspective. Expect to be howling, chasing tail, humping chair legs and hounding the DJ for a reload. When I say woof, you say woof! WOOF!!!