XLII - Village Earth in Medvede Free Compilation


Village Earthって言う曲ですけど、名前通りこの地球と言えば私たち人類として経験してる一番広い世界なんだけど、なんとなくネットやら、現代の移動のしやすさによって、最近ちっちゃな村のように感じてきた。特に自分が関わる音楽業界と横乗り世界だと、どこ居ても知ってる人が居るし、ちっちゃな村民の用に地球村のローカルの話が出来るとの事のVillage Earthっていう曲です。

One of my tunes was used for this Czech compilation Medvede last month.
I finished this tune more than a year ago, but I liked the vibe, so put it out.

The track is called Village Earth. I think many people can relate to that title. With internet and modern ease of travel, this huge world we know as planet Earth started to feel like a little village. Everybody knows everybody. Especially people in the music industry and also snowboard / skate / surf scenes, wherever you go, there’s somebody you know and before you know it, it’s local earth talk, little village style.

The compilation is Free DL, so grab it for some XLII-hop and other dope shit!