XLII Tropical Mini Tour


今週末どこか逃げたいって人居たら、羽田からバリまでLCC直航便で3-4万で行けるみたいです!笑 おいでおいで!笑

XLII Tropical Bashment Mini-tour!
Another series of beachy party things. Hopefully no flu this time. Haha
Playing Gili Dub Club at Gili Air 27-29th. Apparently no petrol powered transport is allowed on Gili Air so it’s all horses and bicycles only apparently! Looking forward to that.
May 29th - Sama Sama bar at nearby party island Gili Trawangan. Going in on tropical bashment shit.
Everybody is in Bali at completely random times, so if you are there, hope to see u at one of the Gilis. And if u stuck in Tokyo and don’t wanna be, seems like direct LCC flights from Haneda are mad cheap still. Come for w/e.