XLII track on Saturated Vol. IV compilation!

XLIIのちょっと古めだけど、まだ公開してないConvoyっていう曲をサンクラにアップしました。是非チェックして欲しい。久しぶりの軍&中 東っぽい緊張しいヒップホップノリ。今週ドイツのSaturate RecordsのコンピSaturated Vol. IVで出ます。他はG Jonesとか、Doshyとかヤバいメンツいっぱい。

Just put up a new tune up on my Soundcloud! The tune itself is from a bit more than a year ago, but I have never played it nor put it up anywhere before.
Military Middle Eastern Hip-Hop head nod shit as a soundtrack for 2014 political madness and manufactured conflicts kicking off worldwide.
This will be out this week on Hamburg’s Saturate Records as part of their Saturated Vol. IV compilation and will also feature some dope arse people like G Jones, Doshy and more.