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XXX$$$ Interview on Qetic



XXX$$$ Interview on Qetic!
Talking about the differences and benefits between working alone and as a group! Also a little insight into XXX$$$ movements in the not so distant future.




XXX$$$ on Floor Mag

XXX$$$はFLOOR MAGAZINEにフィーチャーされました。
XXX$$$ is in floor magazine.



9/21: XXX$$$ @ ULTRA JAPAN 2015

最終日21日にXXX$$$としてメインステージとUMF RADIOステージにDJ SARASAと共にXLIIとしてソロもやります。
それで、21日のUMF RADIOステージはXXX$$$ & FRIENDSとういう形で、XXX$$$はブッキング担当でした。ULTRAに居る皆様遊びましょう!

We’re playing Ultra Japan this year as well. Monday 21st, Public Holiday, the last day of the festival. We’re playing the main stage as XXX$$$ and also, XLII & DJ SARASA solo, respectively on UMF RADIO stage. The UMF RADIO Stage on the 21st is the XXX$$$ & Friends stage as we’ve taken care of the bookings for that day, so it’s family vibes. If you’re at Ultra on the 21st, come hang with us!

Sep 27: XXX$$$ & MASIA ONE @ ULTRA JAPAN, Tokyo!


27日、土曜日世界1でかいダンスミュージックフェスの日本版でXXX$$$暴動もあります!XXX$$$+Masia Oneは韓国のULTRAぶり!

UMF RADIO STAGEに18:30から!タイムテーブルは以下!


それで、Ultraのチケットゲットできなかった人!来週金曜日XXX$$$ @ Trump Roomもありますので、暴れにきてください!ロンドンからGrimeのキーレーベルButterzのボスElijah & Skilliamがゲスト!

ULTRA JAPAN this Saturday!
This must be like the biggest dance music festival in the world now, right? Not sure about the Japan one in particular, but this festival happens in like 50 countries now right? Kind of mental if you think about it.

XXX$$$ is on at 18:30 at the UMF Radio Stage.

We also got a few little gifts for our friends and people, so give us a shout if you see us!
We probably the only fools with an XXX$$$ flag and megaphone, easy to recognise.
Although that still doesn’t beat the Naked G-string and Gas mask dude at Ultra Korea. He was amazing.

If you didn’t manage to get a ticket, come see us play Friday next week at Trump Room. We Rinse.fm’s top grime label Butterz boss mans Elijah & Skilliam as special guests. The only show in Tokyo!

Dec 20, XXX$$$ feat. Masia One @ Road To Ultra at AGEHA, Tokyo

This Friday, Dec 20, XXX$$$ (XLII & DJ SARASA) will be doing our debut Tokyo show at the biggest festival this winter, Road To Ultra @ Ageha. Since it’s a special occasion, we also got MASIA ONE to fly in from Canada to rock it with us on Friday. The lineup is huge. Pretty much the whole Tokyo scene and Above and Beyond and Showtek. The Festival Starts at 19:00, we’re doing the 00:15 - 01:15 set at the Bass floor.
金曜日20日今年の冬の最大のフェスでXXX$$$の東京のファースライブになります。ちょっと特別な状態なので、カナダからMASIA ONEっていうボーカリストに来てもらいました。ラインアップも凄過ぎて、東京のシーン全部出るって気がしますし、クリスマスなど、全部含めて、絶対今年 のラストの一番凄いパーティーになると思います。フェスは19時スタートでXXX$$$は00:15 - 01:15のセットやります。暴れに来てください!

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