XXX$$$ on Inter FM Tonight!

今夜Inter FM Club Styleっていう番組2時からXXX$$$生ミックス!起きてる人是非チェキ!FM 76.1 東京 / FM 79.5 名古屋。ラジオ持ってない人Inter FMサイトからオンラインで聴けます!

XXX$$$ (myself and DJ SARASA) live mix is gonna be on Inter FM Club Style program tonight from 2am. Tokyo FM76.1 / Nagoya FM79.5. If you don’t have a radio, you can also stream from the Inter FM site. The mix was done live in one go and is as close to our club set as it gets.

RIRS on! June 07 19:00 CET!

Original Post:

Die­ses Mal kehrt Lau­rent Fin­toni zurück nach Tokyo und prä­sen­tiert einen Mix, der von XLII und Bro­ken Haze vom Raid Sys­tem kommt. Mit dem Blick direkt auf der Tanz­flä­che gibt’s neuen Stoff aus Japan, den USA, Schott­land und Deutsch­land. Mit dabei Neues von Goth Trad, B-Ju, Sluga­bed, Fun­kystepz, Obey City, Die & Addi­son Groove, Lockah, House of Black Lan­terns, Guido, Eprom, Kode9 und anderen.

In English: We return to Tokyo this month with a mix put toge­ther by XLII and Bro­ken Haze from Raid Sys­tem, and as always pre­sen­ted by Lau­rent Fin­toni. Keeping their feet firmly on the dance­floor the selec­tion runs through new and recent relea­ses from Japan to the US, Scot­land to Ger­many. This inclu­des music from Goth Trad, B-Ju, Sluga­bed, Fun­kystepz, Obey City, Die & Addi­son Groove, Lockah, House of Black Lan­terns, Guido, Eprom, Kode9 and more. Enjoy!

Das wird gespielt:

  1. Lea Lea — Black of Whi­ter (Goth Trad Remix) — Wah Wah 45s
  2. Sluga­bed — True Born — Activia Benz
  3. Fun­kystepz — Ams­ter­dam, Girls Go Wild (Big Dope P Remix) — Moveltrax
  4. Saran­tis — A Serious Ting feat. Parly B — Senseless
  5. House Of Black Lan­terns — You, Me, Metro­po­lis — Houndstooth
  6. Die & Addi­son Groove — Hydro Pump — Gutterfunk
  7. Alizz — Col­lapse — Mofo Hifi
  8. Obey City — That Molly — The Melt
  9. AWE — Eagle Soul — Terrorrhythm
  10. B-Ju — Cof­fee Break With Two Cops — Error Broadcast
  11. Dark Sky — Con­funk­tion — Tectonic
  12. Lockah — Young Neon Coun­tach (Ghost Mutt Remix) — Donky Pitch
  13. Guido — State Of Joy — State of Joy
  14. Kanye West & Jay-Z — N.I.P. (Eprom Remix) — Free download
  15. XLII — Sayon­ara Baby! — Free download
  16. Kode9 — Xingfu Lu — Hyperdub
  17. Misk — K.P.L — Self Released
  18. Wars­nare — Slum Cle­arance — Seclusiasis
  19. Aqua­drop — Look (At The Ship) — ESP Records
  20. Taz & Akka — Trap­ped in ’82 — Rwina Records

XLII on Dommune w/Broken Haze, Laurent Fintoni & DJ Audace! Mar 12!

NIHON KIZUNA Special on Dommune
Streaming live from tokyo

March.12th (Tue)
*TOKYO —21:00 ~ 24:00
*BERLIN — 15:00 ~ 16:00
*NEW YORK — 09:00 ~ 10:00
*SAN FRANCISCO — 06:00 ~ 07:00
*LONDON, UK — 14:00 ~ 15:00
*FRANCE or SPAIN — 16:00 ~ 17:00
*SEOUL, KOREA — 21:00 ~ 24:00
*SINGAPORE or TAIWAN — 20:00 ~ 23:00
*MELBOURNE — 22:00 ~ 25:00
*NEW DELHI — 18:00 ~ 21:00
*DUBAI (UAE) — 16:00 ~ 19:00

Laurent Fintoni(Rhythm Incursions)


DJ Explizit mix feat XLII tunes!

Came across this DJ Explizit mix from Germany with a couple of my tunes as part of a Civil Music special with a whole bunch of Civil fam tunes on here. Good mix! In German!

EgoTrippin'RadioShow KW 45-2012 feat’ DJ EXPLIZIT by Dj_Explizit_Egotrippin'radio on Mixcloud

XLII mix on (Sep 2012)!

Finally uploaded the short mix I’ve done for Nerdz Era’s Future Beat Maniax show on in September! Check it out to pre-listen to my forthcoming remix for Knight Riderz out on Seclusiasis this month.


Moresounds - Weeda - (Cosmic Bridge)
Schlachthofbronx - One Hand feat. Puppetmastaz & Doubla J
XLII - Dilated - (Civil Music)
Slugabed - Mountains come out of the sky (ARP101 Remix) - (Ninja Tune)
Nasty Ways - Cyber Snake
Deft - New Yorks Finest (Ruff Nekz Get Ruff) - (Free DL)
XLII - No Cure - (Civil Music)
Fracture - Get Busy feat. Dawn Day Night
Pixelord - Freeze the star (XLII Remix) - (Civil Music)
Lil Scrappy feat. 2 Chainz & Twista - Helicopter (Dev79 & Jack Horner Remix) - (Seclusiasis)
Walter Ego - Sidney St. - (Senseless)
Knight Riderz - Million Miles (XLII Remix) - (forthcoming Seclusiasis)
XLII - Rasclap - (Civil Music)
Koloah - Pets Can Rock - (Free DL)
DJ Kentaro - Step In feat. Foreign Beggars (XLII Remix) - (Ninja Tune)
Terror Danjah - Dark Crawler feat. Riko Dan (Hyperdub)

RIRS Mix December 2012!

Original Post here:

Closing in on a quiet-ish year here at Rhythm Incursions, our Tokyo duo of XLII and Broken Haze deliver one last show before our obligatory end of year wrap up which will be coming towards end of the month. After that we reboot for 2013 with a return to more regular broadcasts and some tasty guest mixes.

For the December show XLII and Broken Haze have once more put together a selection of recent favourites with the likes of Joker, S-Type, Piano Overlord, Son of Kick, Nobody, Kuhn, Machinedrum, Ruff Squad, DVA and more all featuring. Music includes mainly recent releases from the past few months, so be sure to check the tracklist and click through to support if you like what you hear.

As always you can download and/or stream below or simply subscribe to our RSS/iTunes feeds to get all shows directly to your inbox.

Download Rhythm Incursions x Raid System – December 2012 (right click and save as)

XLII Selection 1
Piano Overlord – Aninha – Chocolate Industries
S-Type – You Da Best – LuckyMe
Monolithium – Bounce 4 Life – Error Broadcast
Son Of Kick feat. Virus Syndicate & Foreign Beggars – EOW – Smog
Ogris Debris – Around Here (Slow Jam) – Affine Records

Broken Haze Selection 1
Broken Haze – Melody [BROKEN HAZE VIP REMIX] – Unreleased
Machinedrum – Diablooo – Free download
Hudson Mohawke – Cbat (Slick Shoota Edit) – Free download
Kuhn – I Quit (feat Obey City) – Civil Music
Sintra – Flume – Flume

XLII Selection 2
Nobody – Rex – Alpha Pup
DVA feat. Inga Copeland – Rumours – Hyperdub
Taal Mala – Original Rudeboy Ting – Unreleased
Clicks & Whistles – Fumando – Frite Nite
Ruff Sqwad – Tings in boots – No Hats No Hoods

Broken Haze Selection 2
Broken Haze – Battle of Empires – Top Billin
ReSketch – Numf – Infinite Machine
Mr Mitch – Bills – Slit Jockey
Joker – Old Era (Original Full Length Mix) – Kapsize
Starkey – Thugs – Civil Music

XLII on BBC Asian Network - DJ Kayper show (June 2012)

Parts of the mix are from my full length (1hr) mix for Hyponik which you can listen/download here:
Hyp 082: XLII by Hyponik

XLII - Neon High BBC Asia Network Tracklist:

Ghost - A Tale Of Life Part 5 - [A Tale Of Life in VI Parts]
Roni Size + DJ Die - It’s a Jazz Thing (Phillip D Kick’s Footwork Edit) - [Footwork Jungle Vol. 3]
XLII - Dilated - [Neon High]
Krampfhaft - Carl Sagan The Man - [Makin’ Magic EP]
Ill Gates - Monkey Crunk (Ill Gates & Samples Crunky Monk Remix) - The Ill Methodology
Dream Continuum - Set It - [Reworkz EP]
XLII - No Cure - [Neon High]
David Starfire - Load (Love and Light Remix) - Bollyhood Bass Remixes Vol 2
Funkystepz - Jigga - [Royal Rumble EP]
Gun Selectah - Villa Ghetto - [Gun Selectah EP]
Tigerstyle - Kudi (Nucleya Remix) - [Kudi]
XLII - Thro-yo! (Broken Haze Remix) - [Neon High] *Bonus Remixes

XLII tune on SLNGLO mix for Monday Jazz

My tune, Thro Yo! from [Neon High] EP has been featured in SLNGLO’s mix “Infinity II” for Monday Jazz. The mix itself is very good, spans 70 tunes and makes for a very entertaining listen.

Original page here:

The mix itself:


Infinity pt. II by SLNGLO

1. Quakers – R.I.P.
2. Danny Brown – Monopoly
3. Jonwayne – Read Velvet
4. El-P – The Full Retard
5. Lazloh – April’s Fool
6. Urban Shakedown – Arsonist (VIP)
7. Gravediggaz – 1-800 Suicide
8. Kromestar – Don’t Make Sense VIP
9. Luisterwaar – Dutch Blunts
10. Company Flow – Eight Steps to Perfection (Monolithium Recrunk)
11. Computer Jay – The Opposing Turf
12. Plusga – CLBB56
13. XLII – Thro Yo
14. MF DOOM – Hey!
15. Danny Drive Thru – Journey
16. Busta Rhymes – Put Your Hands Where I Can See (Mono/Poly Mix)
17. Jay 5ive & Kromestar – Backwoods
18. Jay-Z – D’Evils
19. Suff Daddy – Twisted ft. Vertual Vertigo
20. DZA – Fingersnaps (Shigeto Remix)
21. M-Phazes – James Blake Never Learnt To Make Drums Smack Like This
22. B. Lewis – Lavacorn
23. Moresounds – Orbstoic
24. Fresh Daily – Feel M E
25. Dibia$e – OMG!!!
26. Group Home – Tha Realness
27. NastyNasty – Acid Hangover
28. Odd Future – Oldie
29. Quakers – Kreem
30. Illum Sphere – Agent White (kidkanevil’s Agent Black remix)
31. Keyboard Kid 206 – The Most
32. Moresounds - Analog Steak
33. fLako – Jekyll & Pride
34. Darkhouse Family – Frosted Flakes
35. Nameless – Cake Boyz Outta Control
36. Abjo – The Deathly Effects of Swag
37. Danny Drive Thru – Eclipsemoonsun (L-Digz version)
38. Headshot Boyz – Fundevogel
39. Kankick – On the Lookout
40.J Dilla – Jay Dee’s Revenge Ft. Danny Brown
41. Deft – Zodiac pt 1 & 2
42. The Roots – Clones
43. Suff Daddy - Dilemma
44. Tehbis & Kutmah – Griots
45. Pritch & Trim – Stereotype
46. Jonphonics – Bruck Out
47. JJ DOOM – Rhymin’ Slang (Dave Sitek Remix)
48. Darkhouse Family – Red Leather
49. Shlohmo – Sludgefest
50. Debruit – Mega Wagna
51. Mos Def – Auditorium
52. Flying Lotus – Bonus Beat
53. Plusga – Blasphemy (Instrumental)
54. Dert Floyd – Untitled 16
55. Oh No – The Funk
56. Moresounds – Sour Demons
57. Illum Sphere – An Old Escape (Dabrye Remix)
58. The Roots – Make Em NV
59. Oh No Ft DOOM – 3 Dollars
60. Ras G – One 4 DB
61. fLako & Berghem – Put Chur Hand Up
62. Madlib – Sir Bang
63. Kaytradamus & Mr. Mockwell – Rawkus Preparation
64. Madvillain - Sickfit
65. Debruit – The Day I Lost My Funk
66. Nobi_4 - She’s a Bitch
67. B-Ju – Habit in Your Redlight
68. U.N.K.L.E. – Rabbit In Your Headlights
69. Play Dead – Drumming
70. Doc Daneeka & Abigail Wyles - Tobyjug

Original Cultures on Brookly Radio feat. XLII Unreleased track

“I’ve been trying to make a mix for Brooklyn Radio for the last three months. Somehow, someway it just wasn’t happening. I made four different mixes, from genre hopping 2 hour long trips to hip hop only vinyl sessions but it never quite worked somehow. So instead I’ve done a longer version of a showcase I did recently of music from the label I recently set up and run alongside some close friends called Original Cultures.”

DOWNLOAD: Original Cultures showcase: One Step Forward by Laurent Fintoni

“The mix features music from the label, both released and forthcoming, including Beat Inc., Blackjob, Daisuke Tanabe and the Blackjob remixes from Moresounds, Danny Scrilla and Baobinga. Alongside this we have music from people we’re working with – SertOne, Monte Carlo Polo Team, CocoB, Bolts – as well as from friends of ours: Yosi Horikawa, LV, Kidsuke, XLII, Vlek and more. And lastly a sprinkling of favourites of mine such as Houseshoes, Pinch and Mo’ Kolours. I think it’s actually one of the favourite mixes I’ve put together in a while so I hope you enjoy it just as much.”

Find out more on


Blackjob ft Suz – Rise Again (Moresounds Dub) – Forthcoming Original Cultures
Kidsuke – Nanotrees (Out In The Woods) – Forthcoming Project Mooncircle
Daisuke Tanabe – Ghost – Unreleased
Coco B – Date Theory – Unreleased
Minor Sick – So Be It – Unreleased
Yosi Horikawa – Wandering – First word records
Monte Carlo Polo Team – Royal Flush – Unreleased
XLII – Space Cruising – Unreleased
Blackjob ft Suz – Rise Again (Danny Scrilla remix) – Forthcoming Original Cultures
Pinch – Qawwali VIP – Tectonic
Caves – Seen – Free download
LV ft Okmalumkoolkat – Spitting Cobra – Hyperdub
Beat Inc. – Black Tea Morning (Squealy Lobster refunk) – Original Cultures
Yuk & Teebs – Estara – Dublab
Ssaliva – Uranus 7766 – Vlek data
Daisuke Tanabe – Wana – Forthcoming Original Cultures
Danny Scrilla – Hindsight – Unreleased
Wrongtom meets Deemas J – Superteng – Tru Thoughts
Fulgeance – Damn Right – Musique Large
Beat Inc – Revolution – Original Cultures
Bolts – Cheat – Unreleased
Danny DriveThru – Thunder (edit) – Unreleased
Blackjob ft Suz – Rise Again (Baobinga remix) – Forthcoming Original Cultures
MRR-ADM – 7even – Now Again
Danny Scrilla – Magellanic Clouds – Forthcoming Civil Music
Throwing Snow – Utulo – Snowfall
LV vs Bahamadia – RockRockOwwwn – Unreleased
SertOne – They Call – Melted Music
Houseshoes – Cry Now – Tres Records
IG Culture ft. ID 4 Windz – I Can’t Believe It – Kindred Spirits
Mo’ Kolours – Dredd Music – Forthcoming One Handed Music

Sep 19! XLII mix on!

水曜日19日の21時半からのNerdz EraのBlock.fmのFuture Beat Maniaxっていう番組に20分のミックスで参加します!ネットで聴けるので、是非チェックしてください!

click >>>>>

Wednesday, September 19th, 21:30 TKO time!
My short 20mix will be broadcast on Japan’s radio (sort of like Japanese Rinse FM) as part of the Future Beat Maniax program. You can stream it online as well, so lock in!

RIRS August 2012! [Free Download]

Rhythm Incursions x Raid System – August 2012

Original post here:

Closing the month of August is our ever dynamic Tokyo duo XLII and Broken Haze aka Raid System. Having just released Lewis James’ debut EP, Heavy Romance, and come off a busy summer of shows and remix work (XLII’s popped up on Ninja Tune among other places) the pair deliver the usual hour long selection of up front cuts and dancefloor numbers.

Looking over the releases from the past few months the pair have selected music from LV, Baobinga, Om Unit, LDFD, Grenier, Cid Rim, Bobby Tank, Lewis James, Terror Danjah and quite a few cuts from the recent Secluiasis releases too. As always it’s a high energy affair brought to you in glorious Anglo-Japanese audio vision (actually no vision, just audio).

Download and/or stream below or subscribe to the iTunes/RSS feeds and never miss a show.

Download Rhythm Incursions x Raid System – August 2012 (right click and save as)

XLII Selection 1
Om Unit – Dark Sunrise feat. Tamara Blessa – Civil Music
Baobinga and Guido – Ice Black – Free download
Nasty Ways – Cyber Snake – Glass Air Records
Skinny Boys – Gotta be fresh (Kinght Riderz Remix) – Seclusiasis
TiKay One – Coyote – Techno Changed My Life

Broken Haze Selection 1
Hydraulix – From The Bottom (Salva Remix) – Frite Nite
Cid Rim – Six Hundred – LuckyMe
Aquadrop – Eagle Nebula – Seclusiasis
LDFD – Outtacontrol (Dj Clap Remix) – Free download
DJ Fresh feat. RaVaughn – The Feeling (Bobby Tank Remix) – MoS

XLII Selection 2
Lewis James – Only Me – Raid System
Grenier – Vendetta – Tectonic
Koloah – Pets Can Rock – Free download
LV & Okmalumkoolkat – Get a grip – Hyperdub
Lil Scrappy feat. 2 Chainz & Twista – Helicopter (Dev79 & Jack Horner Remix) – Seclusiasis

Broken Haze Selection 2
Seye – Mexicana Bounce (Bondax Remix) – Free download
Reilly Steel – The Healing (Original Mix) – Senseless Recordings
Cid Rim – Draw (Dorian Concept Remix) – LuckyMe
Lewis James – Peroxide Blonde – Raid System
Terror Danjah – Dark Crawler feat Riko Dan – Hyperdub

XLII on Mixcloud!

I’ve been looking through my folders and realised I’ve got an whole ton of mixes I made for different reasons all lying around in my HDD. I’m gonna be slowly putting them all up on Mixcloud for recycling purposes.

So for the first installment, I’ve got XLII on Juslikemusic show on NTS Radio in London in Aug 2011! This is a live recording. Please follow me on Mixcloud as well!


XLII Tune in this mixtape right here!
Original post here:

01. Sinistarr - I Am Not Invincible (3:58)
02. Skeugh - Buss It (1:11)
03. Flosstradamus - Roll Up (2:46)
04. XLII - No Cure (Ean Remix) (2:22)
05. Bleep Bloop - More And More (2:22)
06. Bao Guido - Ice Black (2:22)
07. Azealia Banks - Jumanji (2:11)
08. Sinistarr - Ross (4:09)
09. Dj Spinn & Dj Rashad - That Booty (1:47)
10. ¡El Cucuy! - Mr. Ferinheight (3:10)
11. Dice Beats - Ain’t Nothing But A Jukaton Thang (2:46)
12. A$AP Rocky - Goldie (2:46)
13. Sinistarr - Western Ting (Gyangsta) (3:33)
14. Danny Breaks & Phillip D Kick - Droppin’ Science Vol.1 (Phillip D Kick’s Footwork Jungle Edit) (2:37)
15. Capleton - Slew Dem (Sinistarr Remix) (2:58)


RIRS on tonight!

rhythm incursions - juli 2012

Listen Tonight (Fri, July 06) on at

7pm CET (Berlin)

6pm in London

8pm in Kiev

and 2am in Tokyo!

Original post here:

Diesen Monat haben das Tokyoter Duo XLII und Broken Haze für Euch eine Stunde ihrer aktuellen Favoriten auf “Rhythm Incursions” zusammengetragen, wie immer präsentiert von Laurent Fintoni. Die Auswahl ist diesen Monat geprägt von schnellen Beats und beinhaltet neue Musik von Danny Scrilla aus München, Fracture, Deft, Japan’s Emufucka, Salva, Slick Shoota und H-SIK.  Dazu dröhnt eine starke Dosis Riddims aus dem Hause Mad Decent und Senseless Records jüngste “Synesthesia”-Neuerscheinung mit Poirier und Walter Ego. Außerdem gibt es neue Musik von XLII und Broken Haze inklusive ihrer Beiträge zu DJ Kentaros neuen Album auf Ninja Tune. Eine ganze Menge also um Euch für den Juli zu beschäftigen.

In english:

Up this month on Rhythm Incursions the Tokyo duo of XLII and Broken Haze have put together one hour of their favourite new productions for your ears which is as always presented by Laurent. Things are definitely upbeat this month with new music from the likes of Munich’s Danny Scrilla, Fracture, Deft, Japan’s Emufucka, Salva, Slick Shoota and H-SIK as well as a hefty dose of in your face riddims from the Mad Decent label and a double bill from Senseless Records‘ latest Synesthesia release with Poirier and Walter Ego. We’ve also got new music from XLII and Broken Haze, including the former’s contribution to DJ Kentaro’s new album on Ninja Tune. So plenty to keep you busy and vibing in July!

Das wird gespielt / Playlist:

  1. Danny Scrilla – VV Cephei – Cosmic Bridge
  2. Emufucka – Time Wizard – Forthcoming
  3. Deft – New York’s Finest (Ruff Nekz Get Ruff) – Unreleased
  4. Fracture – Get Busy feat. Dawn Day night – Exit Records
  5. DJ Kentaro – Higher – Ninja Tune <<< Produced by XLII!
  6. Brackles – Too Much – Rinse
  7. Baauer – Harlem Shake – Mad Decent
  8. Reilly Steel – Work-It – Top Billin
  9. Zinc – Goin In (Royal-T Remix) – Ammunition Records
  10. AUCAN – Heartless [BROKEN HAZE Remix] – Free download
  11. Lil Silva – Night Skanker VIP – Free download
  12. Walter Ego – Sidney St. – Senseless Records
  13. UZ – Trap Shit V7 – Mad Decent
  14. Poirier ft. Face T – What – Senseless Records
  15. Pretty Lights – Pretty Lights vs Radiohead vs Nirvana vs NIN – Free download
  16. Squarepusher – Energy Wizard – Warp
  17. Nouveau Palais – HARDLYTRY (Salva Remix) – RBMA
  18. Melé – Beamer (Original Club Edit) – Grizzly
  19. Slick Shoota – Wile Out – Mad Decent
  20. H-SIK – oOo rD Eye – Error Broadcast

XLII - BBC Asian Network Mix

If you missed my appearance on DJ Kayper’s BBC Asian Network show last Friday, you can listen/download below!
There’s also a short interview with DJ Kayper talking this and that all things music and life.

Parts of the mix are from my full length (1hr) mix for Hyponik which you can listen/download here:
Hyp 082: XLII by Hyponik

XLII - Neon High BBC Asia Network Tracklist:

Ghost - A Tale Of Life Part 5 - [A Tale Of Life in VI Parts]
Roni Size + DJ Die - It’s a Jazz Thing (Phillip D Kick’s Footwork Edit) - [Footwork Jungle Vol. 3]
XLII - Dilated - [Neon High]
Krampfhaft - Carl Sagan The Man - [Makin’ Magic EP]
Ill Gates - Monkey Crunk (Ill Gates & Samples Crunky Monk Remix) - The Ill Methodology
Dream Continuum - Set It - [Reworkz EP]
XLII - No Cure - [Neon High]
David Starfire - Load (Love and Light Remix) - Bollyhood Bass Remixes Vol 2
Funkystepz - Jigga - [Royal Rumble EP]
Gun Selectah - Villa Ghetto - [Gun Selectah EP]
Tigerstyle - Kudi (Nucleya Remix) - [Kudi]
XLII - Thro-yo! (Broken Haze Remix) - [Neon High] *Bonus Remixes

Hyponik Mix 82: XLII

Storming in at number 82 we welcome Tokyo-based beat-sorcerer, XLII (pronounced Slee).

XLII is a respected individual on the Japanese electronic underground, constantly pushing the latest sounds, throwing parties and releasing genre-defying records via his ‘Raid Systems‘ label/collective that he runs with Broken Haze. He’s also no stranger to English soil having already garnered support and guested on Rinse, 1xtra and NTS radio and contributes a fantastic podcast series to London based, Rhythm Incursions. For anyone unfamiliar with the futuristic and inspired sounds of XLII, your best starting point is his recent ‘Neon High’ EP on Civil Music.

As XLII explained to us his ‘Neon Patchwork Mixtape‘ isn’t your average club/DJ mix. The intention was to create a blurred collage of nostalgic, hyperactive and ethereal beats that pull in different directions but simultaneously fit together in bizzarre harmony. A combination of club tracks, headphone songs and beats, all of which in one way or another hark back to the foundation of his own music.

The mixtape contains an arsenal of devastating cuts from across a wide spectrum of bass and electronics, including material from Krampfhaft, Dream Continuum, Onra, Tessela, Flako, Schlachthofbronx, XLII himself and much more.

Stream below, or click on the player for the download.

1. Ghost – A Tale of life part 5
2. Roni Size & DJ Die – It’s a Jazz Thing (Phillip D Kick Footwork Jungle Edit)
3. Le Jad – Ideogrames
4. Sarantis – Cell32
5. Krampfhaft – Perfect Gain Structure
6. XLII – Dilated
7. ILL Gates – Monkey Crunk (ILL Gates & Samples Crunky Monk Remix)
8. Dream Continuum – Set It
9. XLII – No Cure
10. Long Arm – The Ashes
11. Kidkanievel – Palm Of My Hand feat. Foreign Beggars
12. Onra – Hide and Seek
13. Schlachthofbronx – Coolie Fruit feat. Gnucci Banana
14. Chief Boima – Yoam Wara Yoam Remix
15. Knight Riderz – Drop This
16. Dubphizix & Skeptical – Marka feat. Strategy (NcLovin Remix)
17. Yo?t – Real Dub
18. fLako – Broken Toy
19. Addison Groove – Beeps feat. Spank Rock
20. Walton – Mallet
21. Tessela – D Jane
22. Sepalcure – Love Pressure (Lando Kal Remix)
23. XLII – Rasclap
24. Nego – Raja Naga (XLII Remix)
25. Last Japan – Tactics
26. Jon Phonics X Jeeks – Double Vision
27. Uncle Lew – Peroxide Blonde
28. Turnsteak – Engrenage (Bass Science Remix)
29. DJ Kentaro – Step In feat. Foreign Beggars (XLII Remix)
30. Pocz – Explotala!
31. Star Eyes – Disappear (Dexplicit Remix)
32. XLII – Thro-yo! (Broken Haze Remix)
33. Mungo’s Hi-Fi – Scream feat. YT

BBC Asian Network tonight!

Tonight (June 8th) I’ll be going in for an interview on DJ Kayper show (22:00 - 01:00 GMT) followed by a 20min mix of the stuff I’m (still) into right now!

If you’re in the UK, lock in via FM! If you’re elsewhere, I think you can listen to it live online or on your iPhone or Android via apps like Tune In or similar!

Link to show page:


今夜(6月8日)イギリスのBBCアジアネットワークに出ます。インタービューと20分のミックスでDJ Kayperさんの番組に参加します!イギリス時間22時 - 1時って事で日本時間は午前6時-9時になります!

起きてる人是非聴いてください!UKならFMでも聴けるし、日本ならBBCサイトでも聴けるし、iPhoneとかAndroidでTune Inっていうアプリでも聴けます!よろしくお願いします!