broken haze


11.03 @ Club Asia
from 23:00
DOOR - 3,500yen
With Flyer - 3,000yen
With “VITAL ERROR” - 2,000yen

////LIVE & DJ////
Main Floor:
◆Bobby Tank (From UK)
◆tomad (Maltine Records)
◆Masashi Kikuchi (UNIKE)
◆Zwei Raketen (UNIKE)

2F Floor:
◆Takeru John Otoguro (
◆Seimei & Taimei (TREKKIE TRAX)
◆MAHIRU & DAN-CHO (どらむん町内会)
◆Hercelot (Maltine Records)
◆SEXY808 (Licaxxx & Redcompass)

1F Lounge Floor:
◆Ryu (UNIKE)
◆Aya (Cym-pa)
◆Haaatan (FREEDOM)


Special Thanks:

RIRS on! June 07 19:00 CET!

Original Post:

Die­ses Mal kehrt Lau­rent Fin­toni zurück nach Tokyo und prä­sen­tiert einen Mix, der von XLII und Bro­ken Haze vom Raid Sys­tem kommt. Mit dem Blick direkt auf der Tanz­flä­che gibt’s neuen Stoff aus Japan, den USA, Schott­land und Deutsch­land. Mit dabei Neues von Goth Trad, B-Ju, Sluga­bed, Fun­kystepz, Obey City, Die & Addi­son Groove, Lockah, House of Black Lan­terns, Guido, Eprom, Kode9 und anderen.

In English: We return to Tokyo this month with a mix put toge­ther by XLII and Bro­ken Haze from Raid Sys­tem, and as always pre­sen­ted by Lau­rent Fin­toni. Keeping their feet firmly on the dance­floor the selec­tion runs through new and recent relea­ses from Japan to the US, Scot­land to Ger­many. This inclu­des music from Goth Trad, B-Ju, Sluga­bed, Fun­kystepz, Obey City, Die & Addi­son Groove, Lockah, House of Black Lan­terns, Guido, Eprom, Kode9 and more. Enjoy!

Das wird gespielt:

  1. Lea Lea — Black of Whi­ter (Goth Trad Remix) — Wah Wah 45s
  2. Sluga­bed — True Born — Activia Benz
  3. Fun­kystepz — Ams­ter­dam, Girls Go Wild (Big Dope P Remix) — Moveltrax
  4. Saran­tis — A Serious Ting feat. Parly B — Senseless
  5. House Of Black Lan­terns — You, Me, Metro­po­lis — Houndstooth
  6. Die & Addi­son Groove — Hydro Pump — Gutterfunk
  7. Alizz — Col­lapse — Mofo Hifi
  8. Obey City — That Molly — The Melt
  9. AWE — Eagle Soul — Terrorrhythm
  10. B-Ju — Cof­fee Break With Two Cops — Error Broadcast
  11. Dark Sky — Con­funk­tion — Tectonic
  12. Lockah — Young Neon Coun­tach (Ghost Mutt Remix) — Donky Pitch
  13. Guido — State Of Joy — State of Joy
  14. Kanye West & Jay-Z — N.I.P. (Eprom Remix) — Free download
  15. XLII — Sayon­ara Baby! — Free download
  16. Kode9 — Xingfu Lu — Hyperdub
  17. Misk — K.P.L — Self Released
  18. Wars­nare — Slum Cle­arance — Seclusiasis
  19. Aqua­drop — Look (At The Ship) — ESP Records
  20. Taz & Akka — Trap­ped in ’82 — Rwina Records

Broken Haze new "Lightning Flash EP" out now on Top Billin!

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You know that we listen music all around the world, right? Now this is the first time we got 100% Japanese release for the label, definitely something outside the box. Broken Haze aka Keisuke Ito is an acclaimed producer / DJ from Tokyo, who’s style draws influences from dubstep, garage techno, electro, hip hop and more. His neo-futuristic synth melodies (definitely a Japanese description) and glitchy beats are the staple of his genre-hopping style.

Broken Haze first created buzz after releasing his first album titled Raid System, featuring artists like Machinedrum and Richard Devin,e and followed it up with another release alongside 2010 Red Bull Music Academy graduate B. Bravo, creating noise both in Japan and around the world. BH has done remixes for artists like RQM, Crookers, Aucan, XLII, as well as J-pop superstars. He was also commissioned to do an official cover version for a Disney electronic compilation (Japan in full effect), showing off his production skills in various scenes and genres.

On top of all that Broken Haze also hosts a regular podcast called RIRS on London’s Rhythm Incursions site and Berlin’s BLN FM/Internet radio. And in Tokyo he’s got a regular show on and his tracks are played often on and more. Top Billin welcomes yet another hard working samurai to the team.