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RIRS on BLN.fm! June 07 19:00 CET!

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Die­ses Mal kehrt Lau­rent Fin­toni zurück nach Tokyo und prä­sen­tiert einen Mix, der von XLII und Bro­ken Haze vom Raid Sys­tem kommt. Mit dem Blick direkt auf der Tanz­flä­che gibt’s neuen Stoff aus Japan, den USA, Schott­land und Deutsch­land. Mit dabei Neues von Goth Trad, B-Ju, Sluga­bed, Fun­kystepz, Obey City, Die & Addi­son Groove, Lockah, House of Black Lan­terns, Guido, Eprom, Kode9 und anderen.

In English: We return to Tokyo this month with a mix put toge­ther by XLII and Bro­ken Haze from Raid Sys­tem, and as always pre­sen­ted by Lau­rent Fin­toni. Keeping their feet firmly on the dance­floor the selec­tion runs through new and recent relea­ses from Japan to the US, Scot­land to Ger­many. This inclu­des music from Goth Trad, B-Ju, Sluga­bed, Fun­kystepz, Obey City, Die & Addi­son Groove, Lockah, House of Black Lan­terns, Guido, Eprom, Kode9 and more. Enjoy!

Das wird gespielt:

  1. Lea Lea — Black of Whi­ter (Goth Trad Remix) — Wah Wah 45s
  2. Sluga­bed — True Born — Activia Benz
  3. Fun­kystepz — Ams­ter­dam, Girls Go Wild (Big Dope P Remix) — Moveltrax
  4. Saran­tis — A Serious Ting feat. Parly B — Senseless
  5. House Of Black Lan­terns — You, Me, Metro­po­lis — Houndstooth
  6. Die & Addi­son Groove — Hydro Pump — Gutterfunk
  7. Alizz — Col­lapse — Mofo Hifi
  8. Obey City — That Molly — The Melt
  9. AWE — Eagle Soul — Terrorrhythm
  10. B-Ju — Cof­fee Break With Two Cops — Error Broadcast
  11. Dark Sky — Con­funk­tion — Tectonic
  12. Lockah — Young Neon Coun­tach (Ghost Mutt Remix) — Donky Pitch
  13. Guido — State Of Joy — State of Joy
  14. Kanye West & Jay-Z — N.I.P. (Eprom Remix) — Free download
  15. XLII — Sayon­ara Baby! — Free download
  16. Kode9 — Xingfu Lu — Hyperdub
  17. Misk — K.P.L — Self Released
  18. Wars­nare — Slum Cle­arance — Seclusiasis
  19. Aqua­drop — Look (At The Ship) — ESP Records
  20. Taz & Akka — Trap­ped in ’82 — Rwina Records

RIRS Podcast March 2012!

Our Tokyo presenters – XLII and Broken Haze aka Raid System – return for their first official podcast of 2012 (aside from our BLN.FM series), originally slated for February but unfortunately delayed due to reasons beyond our control, also known as life. Still the boys are in top form with another hour long selection into the latest and freshest dancefloor sounds.

This month’s show features new music from Dream Continuum, DJ Kentaro, Jon Phonics, Tessela, Jacques Greene, Scuba, 813, Footsie and more. As always the boys take it in turn to present a small selection each and bring you all the details in both English and Japanese.

You can stream and/or download below or simply subscribe to our RSS/iTunes feeds and never miss a show.

We’ll be returning to more regular broadcasting for our standard podcast series – RIPL, RIRS and Rhythm Inc – starting next month. You can expect a regular show presented by one of our teams every two weeks with the usual guest mixes in between. We’ve got some seriously exciting stuff coming up on that front. And of course our monthly BLN.FM show which is now on the first friday of the month live with podcast a few weeks later.


PS: Shout out to the homie Diagram Design who’s done us a new series of customisable logos for our shows.

Download Rhythm Incursions x Raid System – March 2012 (right click and save as)

XLII Selection 1
Jon Phonics – Double Vision – Prism
Bonobo – Eyesdown (Arp101 Remix) – Ninja Tune
Moscow – Mind Shine – Donky Pitch
Memory9 – One of these days – Mnemonic Dojo
Dream Continuum – Set It – Planet Mu

Broken Haze Selection 1
Machinedrum – SXLND – LuckyMe
813 – Plumbeous Bubbles – Donky Pitch
Footsie – 1 Spliff – Braindead Entertainment
Benga – Electro West – Free download
Deset – Crisis – Free download

XLII Selection 2
Scuba – The Hope – Hotflush Recordings
Tessela – D Jane – Punch Drunk
Tigerstyle – Kudi (Nucleya Remix) – Soldier Sound Recordings
DJ Kentaro – Step In feat. Foreign Beggars (XLII Remix) – Ninja Tune
Spooky – Spartan (D.O.K. Remix) – Free download

Broken Haze Selection 2
B-Ju – Gobble Gobble (813 Remix) – Error Broadcast
Little Jinder – Keep On Dreaming (Deadboy Remix) – Trouble & Bass Recordings
8th Note – I love you – [From The Archives]
Jacques Greene – These Days – Vase
Ghost Mutt – Sweat Mode – Donky Pitch

BLN.fm March! (feat. New XLII shit sneak-a-peek)

Original Post here!

Rhythm Incursions #3

In english: Our third sessions sees Laurent take control of both the mix and the words with an hour long mix recorded live on two turntables and packed with upcoming releases, previews and unreleased gems from some of our favourite artists. Starting slow and building up the vibes the March instalment of Rhythm Incursions on BLN.FM features new and upcoming music from Sweatson Klank, EAN, Anenon, Dark Sky, Paper Tiger, Dream Continuum, ENA, Salva, and Roska as well as our very own XLII. We’ve also got recent dancefloor favourites from the likes of Evian Christ, Amen Ra from LHF, goldFFinch, Ernest Gonzales, Prison Garde and Eames, howse, S-Type and Om Unit alongside Mark Pritchard and Danny Breaks covering everything from upfront 808 vibes to hands in the air hip hop jams and junglistic riddims. And last but not least we’ve got some tasty exclusive tracks from XI, Deft, q330 remixing Wiley in an 8-bit style and Yosi Horikawa, rounding off a very eclectic mix of all the music that have excited us in the last few months. Enjoy!
  1. Sweatson Klank – It’s All In Your Head / Forthcoming Project Mooncircle
  2. Ernest Gonzales – When Synchronicity Prevails (Dntel Remix) / Friends of Friends
  3. Anenon – Rites / Forthcoming Non Projects
  4. goldFFinch – Dirty Bird / Airflex Labs
  5. XLII – Rasclap / Forthcoming Civil Music
  6. Roska – 480 BC / Forthcoming Tectonic
  7. Yosi Horikawa – Wandering  (Unreleased)
  8. Evian Christ – Fuck It None Of Ya’ll Don’t Rap (Free download)
  9. Amen Ra – Essence Investigation / Keysound
  10. Paper Tiger – Illuminated – Mind On Fire
  11. Dark Sky – Totem / Black Acre
  12. ENA – Splinter / Forthcoming 7even Recordings
  13. Wiley – Icepole (q330rfx)  (Unreleased)
  14. howse – Porch  (Self Released)
  15. Prison Garde + Eames – Don’t Tell/  Project Hermes
  16. XI – I’m The Mayne – Unreleased
  17. Deft – Eskilusive – Unreleased
  18. Shlohmo – wen uuu (Salva Remix) – Friends of Friends
  19. Dream Continuum – Giv A Lil Luv – Forthcoming Planet Mu
  20. Youngteam – Wisps – Free download
  21. Groundislava – Creeper Shit – Forthcoming Brownswood
  22. S-Type – Sweet Vixen – Finest Ego
  23. EAN – Pictarus – Forthcoming Project Mooncircle
  24. Om Unit, Mark Pritchard and Danny Breaks – Alien Titchmarsh – RBMA

New RIRS show on BLN.fm [Free Download]!

As announced last year we’ve started a new monthly, live broadcast over in Berlin on the excellent BLN.FM – the city’s finest non-profit radio station (and I believe Germany’s first station of the kind!). When I say live, the show is being broadcasted live but is pre-recorded. Each month myself (Laurent Fintoni), Primus Luta who helms RIPL and Raid System (aka XLII and Broken Haze) who helm RIRS will take turns in curating the one hour mix/playlist and each show will be presented by myself in regular Rhythm Inc fashion running down artists, releases and related info. The flavour of our new BLN.FM shows is slightly more dancefloor than our regular shows here (aside from RIRS) so expect plenty of delicious dance related musical treats over the next twelve months.

Each monthly goes out on the first Tuesday of the month live on BLN.FM from 7PM CET (which is GMT+1, so please check your local airtime). You can stream it from BLN.FM and each show is archived both on their site and here where we will podcast them a week or so after the air date (we’re bit late this month I know).

This first show was curated by Raid System featuring one hour of their favourite dancefloor riddims of the second half of 2011. As always XLII and Broken Haze take in turn to mix 4/5 tracks each. You can download and/or stream the show below as well as view full tracklist. Don’t forget to subscribe to our iTunes/RSS feeds in order to receive all shows automatically.

Thanks once more to BLN.FM for having us and enjoy this first show!

Download Rhythm Incursions x BLN.FM – January 2012 (right click and save as)

Yot – Man’s World – Raha and Tunteet
Africa Hitech – Do You Really Wanna Fight – Warp
DVA – Polyphonic Dreams – Hyperdub
QQ – Tek It To Dem (Kalbata Remix) – Greensleeves
Drums Of Death – Cold Lazarus (Starkey Remix) – Civil Music
Sibian & Faun – I’m Sorry – Numbers
Diamond Bass – Show Me – Enchufada
Africa Hitech – Silencer Riddim – Warp
Taz – Neurotica – Rwina Records
S-Type – Bairns – LuckyMe
Tony Anthem – Time (Sonwah Remix) – Rat Records
GOLD – Death Mask – Slayer
Turnsteak – Engrenage (XLII Remix) – Forthcoming
Ital Tek – Gonga – Planet Mu
Om Unit – Vibrations (Machinedrum Remix) – Civil Music
Dev79 – Get 2 Know feat. Slix (Slick Shoota Remix) – Seclusiasis
Swing Ting – Hold Your Corner – Fat City
Seiji – Face Up – Seiji Music
Klic & Lokiboi – Won’t (Funkystepz Remix) – Top Billin
Illmana – Ready Fi De War Instrumental – Illmana
Greenmoney – Boomticka – Greenmoney Recordings

Rhythm Incursion Podcast: 2011 year end special! [FREE DL]

Rhythm Incursions – 2011: The Year That Was

And so we reach the end of the year and the obligatory retrospective edition. This year we’ve opted for a slightly different format, bringing together our three regular shows – RIPL, RIRS and Rhythm Incursions – into one bumper 3h edition that looks back at our favourite music from 2011. With each of us selecting one hour of music, this end of year show features primarily music and tracks which we’ve previously aired as well as a few additions culled from releases and/or artists we’ve supported this year. We start with the Rhythm Incursions mix presented by Laurent which features a mini feature on the label of the year which is Keysound Recordings, the London label headed by Blackdown. Despite having had a fairly quiet year in comparison to other labels, Keysound’s put out three outstanding albums from Damu, LV & Joshua Idehen and Sully, as well as a handful of 12″s that have all been featured on previous shows and been staples of many sets. As the adage goes quality not quantity and while it’s true that this has actually been a busy year for the label we feel that they really deserve the accolade. Alongside Keysound, the mix features regulars from the past year as well as our favourite releases including Om Unit, Shabazz Palaces, Slugabed, EAN, Kode 9, Yosi Horikawa (with his track from the Nihon Kizuna compilation), NastyNasty, Mark Pritchard under both his solo and Africa Hitech aliases, Machinedrum, Sepalcure and 1000Names. Primus Luta meanwhile also showcases his favourites – many recognisable from his own 2011 shows – in his mix. A straight up one hour mix with no talking it features some of this year’s best releases from both the electronic and rap world with the likes of 2562, Busdriver, Kendrick Lamar, Blk.Adonis, Welder, Shigeto, Lorn, Siriusmo, Madlib and Dibiase, DRC Music alongside Om Unit, Sepalcure and Sully who all make additional appearances. And as for Raid System they opted to do another top 20 countdown of their favourite tracks of the year, though this time it isn’t live. Their mix starts with a short run down of our Nihon Kizuna release as well as Broken Haze’s joint EP with B.Bravo before getting into their top 20 for the year featuring many of the artists and labels they’ve been supporting including Joker, Nino, Rustie, Hudson Mohawke, Funkystepz, Zdot, Bobby Tank, Toddska, Starkey, Daniel Haaksman, Knight Riderz, S-Type, Munchi and more. So there you have it, 2011 the year that was. As always a big thank you to all our listeners and fans, all the labels and artists and a special thanks to everyone who has kindly donated via the Nihon Kizuna compilation we put together while in Japan in March this year. We’ll see you in 2012 with the first show of the year our new BLN.FM syndication, the first of which is curated by Raid System. It will air live on the first tuesday of each month before being podcasted both here and on the BLN.FM site. Before that though there’s one more guest mix, part of our Friends of Friends mix series dropping on New Year’s Eve – it’s a surprise one so be sure not to miss. You can download and/or stream the show below or simply subscribe to our RSS/iTunes feeds to get every show automatically to your computer. Enjoy and happy new year! Download Rhythm Incursions – 2011 The Year That Was (right click and save as) Laurent’s mix [Running time: 00:00 to 69:50] Yosi Horikawa – Passion – Nihon Kizuna EAN – Clever Carl – Finest Ego Kode 9 & Spaceape – Am I – Hyperdub Goth Trad – Babylon Fall – Deep Medi Musik Africa Hitech – Gangslap – Warp E.S.T – Ajar (Klic’s Unofficial 2step edit) – Unreleased Mini Feature – label of the year ‘Keysound Recordings’ LV & Joshuya Idehen – Northern Line – Keysound Sully – 2hearts – Keysound Damu – Ridin’ – Keysound Mini feature ends Jonwayne – Progstep – Alpha Pup The Phantom – Artic (Devil Mix) – Senseless Records Slugabed – New Krak Swing – Ninja Tune Andreya Triana – Far Closer (Live) – Ninja Tune 1000Names – Milky Plastic – Project Mooncircle Pritch & Trim – Kiss My Arse – Planet Mu NastyNasty – Jelly – Rwina Records Jneiro Jarel – Balada45 (Brasilian Girl) – Mochilla Mo Kolours – Biddies – One Handed Music Samiyam – Wonton Special – Brainfeeder Com Truise – VHS Sex – Ghostly Om Unit vs Kromestar – Merkabah – Cosmic Bridge Records Baobinga & Jack Sparrow – Trans-Pennine Express – Build Recordings Danny Brown – Die Like A Rockstar – Fool’s Gold Adam F – Circles (Phillip D Kick Footwork Jungle edit) – Free download Krampfhaft – Spit Thunder – Saturated Records Machinedrum – Fantastix – Planet Mu Sepalcure – Yuh Nuh See – Hotflush Recordings Lorn – Stranger – Hoya Hoya Nicolas Jaar – I Got A Woman – Circus Company Shabazz Palaces – Free Press and Curl – Sub Pop Primus Luta’s mix [Running time: 69:50 to 123:00] Om Unit x Lorn – Obsidian – Free download Kuedo – Truth Flood – Planet Mu Raffertie – Twitch (It Grows & Grows) – Ninja Tune The Black Dog – Greedy Gutter Guru – Dust Science Siriusmo – Feromonikon – Monkeytown Records Sully – In Some Pattern – Keysound Recordings 2562 – This Is Hardcore – Doubt Sepalcure – Breezin – Hotflush Recordings Helixir – Cooly Groove – 7even Recordings Blk.Adonis + Rizzla – GO STR8 vs SO FINE – Self-released Eligh & Amp Live ft. Busdriver – L.A. Dreamers – Legendary Music Kendrick Lamar Ft Busta Rhymes – Rigamortus (Remix) – Free download Dibia$e - Deep Winter – Self Released Adrian Younge – Sirens – Wax Poetics Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Deep – Stones Throw Small Professor – Chappelle Show Back – Self Released DRC Music feat. Ewing Sima of Tout Puissant Mukalo – African Space Anthem (A.S.A.) – DRC Music Shabazz Palaces – Swerve… The reeping of all that is worthwhile (Noir not withstanding) – Sub Pop Blue Daisy ft. Stac – Only For You – Black Acre Welder – I Still – Weldersounds Shigeto – Self Compassion – Ghostly Raid System’s Top 20 of 2011 [Running time: 123:00 to end] It’s the top 20, so read from the bottom for mix chronological order 1. Nino – Buio Omega – Donky Pitch 2. Rustie – Ultra Thizz – Warp 3. Zdot – Fire Bars (Remix) – Catapult 4. Taz – Hedge your bets – Rwina Records 5. Opiuo – Moose Tooth – Additech 6. Kavsrave – Your Love – Tighten Up 7. Daniel Haaksman – Bomba feat. Roxxxy Bione (NEKI Edit) – Free download 8. Virus Syndicate – Your Life (Funkystepz Club Dub) – Safe and Sound 9. Knight Riderz – Drop This – Seclusiasis 10. S-Type – Found (ACP Remix) – Free download 11. Drums Of Death – Cold Lazarus (Starkey Remix) – Civil Music 12. Hudson Mohawke – Thank You – Warp 13. Toddska – Cowboy – Girl’s Music 14. Bobby Tank – Needing Me – Vermin Street 15. Munchi – Paperchase – Rotterdam Juke 16. Rustie – Hover Traps – Warp 17. Baobinga & Hyetal – Anything for now – Build Recordings 18. Schlachthofbronx – Backup Run – Enchufada 19. Joker – Lost – 4AD 20. Blawan – Bohla – R&S Records

[FREE DL] RIRS Podcast Nov/Dec!

Having skipped the November show due to busy times ahead, the Raid System duo aka Broken Haze and XLII, return with a December show fresh from their new studio in Machida, Tokyo and as always packed to the brim with brand new dancefloor cuts and favourites.

Up this month XLII and Broken Haze take you through the latest releases from the likes of Mungo’s Hi Fi, Terror Danjah, Roska, Brenmar, Starkey, fLako, Salva, Fulgeance, Ango and more. Also included in this month’s show is new music from Milyoo on Subeena’s Opit label, his Archeology album is easily one of our favourites that has snuck in before the end of 2011.

As always you can download and/or stream below or simply subscribe to the RSS/iTunes feed and never miss a show.

Raid System will return later this month for our joint end of year show where Primus Luta, Laurent and the Tokyo duo will run down their favourite music of 2011 in one handy, festive show to see you through the over-eating period.

Until then enjoy!

Download Rhythm Incursions x Raid System – December 2011 (right click and save as)

XLII Selection 1
Mungo’s Hi-Fi – Computer Age feat. Mr. Williams – Scotch Bonnet Records
DJ Roc – Get Buck Juice – Planet Mu
Fulgeance – La Cité Des Anges – Melting Pot Records
P-Fang – Fog Juice – Low Riders
fLako – Broken Toy – Project Mooncircle

Broken Haze Selection 1
Milyoo – Dasein – Opit
Tommy Kid – East Street (Pasteman Remix) – Sounds of Sumo
Kidnap Kid – Shouldn’t be alone (123Mrk Remix) – Squelch and Clap
Salva – Obsession feat. B Bravo – Friends of Friends
Ango – What you lose – LuckyMe

XLII Selection 2
Damu – Ether – Keysound Records
Kuhn – Slime Beach – Civil Music
813 – Plumbeous Bubbles – Donky Pitch
Kush Arora – Repping and Stepping feat. Mega Banton – Kush Arora Productions
Terror Danjah – Morph2 feat. DOK – Hyperdub

Broken Haze Selection 2
WOZ – Gain – Black Butter
Roska – Without It (Terror Danjah Remix) – Roska Kicks & Snares
Starkey – Blood Roses – Ninja Tune
Brenmar – Temperature Rising – Hum+Buzz
Active Child – Hanging On – Active Child Music

RIRS Podcast November '11! [FREE DL]

With a good couple of months that has seen them take over the infamous Dommune Ustream broadcast, announce new releases and just generally being great at what they do, Tokyo’s very own Raid System return for another show packed with dancefloor riddims and sweaty numbers.

XLII and Broken Haze once more put together a carefully selected hour of music from the likes of Joker, Gemmy, Modeselektor, Bobby Tank, ill Gates, Knight Riderz and three cuts from the excellent Frite Nite ‘Surreal Estate’ compilation among others. From grime to dubstep, hard edged 4×4 riddims to juke and bass heavy hip hop the boys provide a relentless ride that’s the perfect way to end our month.

For more on the pair’s ongoing activities and releases be sure to stop by their website www.raids.jp.

As always you can download and/or stream the show below or simply subscribe to the RSS/iTunes feeds to get the shows directly to your computer.


Download Rhythm Incursions x Raid System aka RIRS October 2011 (right click and save as)


XLII Selection 1
Kahn – ILLY – Punch Drunk
Ill Gates – Pharma Sutra – Muti Music
Schlachthofbronx – Coolie Fruit feat. Gnucci Banana – Man Recordings
Knight Riderz – Drop This – Seclusiasis
Modeselektor – German Clap – Monkeytown

Broken Haze Selection 1
Dizz1 – Decay feat. Royalston – Black Acre
Bobby Tank – Needin me – Vermin Records
Monky – Hipster – Hoya Hoya
Dark Sky – The Lick – 50 Weapons
Salva – Policy – Frite Nite

XLII Selection 2
LV & Joshua Idehen – Northern Line – Keysound Recordings
Joker feat. Buggsy & Shadz & Scarz & Double KHK-SP – Back In The Days – 4AD
Preditah – Gargoyle – Earth 616
Kuru & UFO! – Aoki – Frite Nite
Zdot – Harpoon – Elite Music

Broken Haze Selection 2
NastyNasty – Suffocating – Frite Nite
Joker – My Trance Girl – 4AD
Gemmy – Too Far – WoW Music
DJ Rashad & Gant-Man – Heaven Sent – Planet Mu
Hourglass Sea – Another World – Chill Mega Chill

RIRS Podcast September 2011

Original post here: http://www.rhythm-incursions.com/2011/09/23/rhythm-incursions-x-raid-system-aka-rirs-%e2%80%93-september-%e2%80%9911/

Our dynamic Tokyo duo returns for September with another hour long selection of the freshest club cuts and more for your Friday enjoyment.

XLII and Broken Haze – fresh from a European tour and a dope release alongside B.Bravo respectively – bring forward a bag full of fresh riddims with new music from Rustie’s forthcoming Warp debut, Dutch turbo genius Krampfafht, DZA, Vybz Kartel, Terror Danjah’s Hardrive label, RL Grime, Gun Selectah aka Toy Selectah and Mexicans with Guns, Nasty Nasty, Bug and more.

With two selections each as always, the pair take you through their latest favourite sounds – a perfect mix to get you in the mood for the weekend, or vibe it out at your desk or in your living room.

As always you can download and/or stream below or simply subscribe to our RSS/iTunes feeds and receive all the shows directly to your computer.

For now crank up the volume and enjoy!

Download RIRS September 2011 (right click and save as)

XLII Selection 1
Roachee – On da stuff – Free Download
Krampfhaft – Grind – Saturated Records
Vybz Kartel – Beat up di (Knight Riderz Remix) – Free Download
Nasty Nasty – Quadrant – Free download
Bug – Journey Through My Mind – Juslikemusic

Broken Haze Selection 1
Funkystepz – Trouble – Forthcoming Hyperdub
Himuro Yoshiteru – Meteor Shower Dancer – Forthcoming
DZA – Zoo Keeper (Salva Remix) – Error Broadcast
Giant – Punani – Hench Recordings
Rustie – All Nite – Forthcoming Warp

XLII Selection 2
Gun Selectah – Villa Ghetto – FoF Music
Starkey & Epcot – Surreal Estate – Forthcoming Frite Nite
Riko Dan & SNK – Warfare (Billy Daniel Bunter & Sanxion Meets Uncle Dugs Revival Remix) – Slaughter House Rydims
RL Grime – Die 4 Me – Free download
Aquasky – Frontline feat. Tenor Fly – Forthcoming Passenger

Broken Haze Selection 2
Skream – Future Funkizm – Non Plus
Rustie – Ultra Thizz – Forthcoming Warp
Mz Bratt – Selecta (Royal T Very Butterz Remix) – Hardrive
Terror Danjah – East Village – Hardrive
Prison Garde – Parking Lot – Free download

XLII vs Laurent Fintoni vs Om Unit Podcast!

Original post here:


We wrap up the summer with a special ‘live’ show recorded last weekend during one of our Maisonette Electronique Ustream shows. The session features both XLII from Raid System, who was over in Europe for the summer from Tokyo, and Om Unit who co-hosts the Maisonette Electronique Ustream show we’ve been doing since the beginning of the year.

So this podcast is a combined Rhythm Inc and RIRS session with Om Unit dropping in a short selection towards the end of the show. It features a wide selection of new music and recent favourites from all of us including Thundercat, Danny Brown, Darkhouse Family, Touchy Subject, Zed Bias, Damu and Sully on Keysound Recordings, Shlohmo, Dizz1, Walton, Cardopusher, Prison Garde xxxy, Kuedo, Goth Trad, Throwing Snow, Jonwayne, Krampfhaft and more.

The first hour is mixed and presented by XLII with the second hour presented by myself with Om Unit joining in for the last 20 minutes. Full tracklist is below and as always you can stream and/or download, or simply subscribe to the RSS or iTunes feed to receive all the shows directly.

And remember to check out the Maisonette Electronique Ustream channel from which we broadcast at least once a month now with guests which have in the last few months included the likes of Lorn, Kid Kanevil, Daisuke Tanabe and Kutmah! You can also check all the archived streams here.

Download Rhythm Incursions x Raid System – August 2011 ft. Om Unit (right click and save as)


XLII selection
Danny Brown – Scrap or Die – Fools Gold, free DL
DJ Diamond – Burn Dat Boy – Planet Mu
Darkhouse Family – Where is Everyone – Project Mooncircle
V.C. – Kind of Bad – Donky Pitch
Naive Machine – Robot Ramifications – Hit and Hope
Pritch & Trim – Kiss My Arse – Planet Mu
Touchy Subject – Family Traditions – Unreleased
Johnny Faith – Funkzilla (XLII Remix) – Forthcoming Civil Music
Prison Garde – Zero – Free download
Frandomeda – Catch Me Now – Free download
Pickster & Melo – EL Bumper – Free download
Noha – Pijama (Mendez vs Melo Remix) – Free download
Photonz – Lamborghini Funk – One Eyed Jacks
Martyn – Viper (London’s Arches Edit) – Brainfeeder
Sepalcure – Every Day of My Life (Jimmy Edgar Remix) – Hotflush
Dynooo – Tropical Thighs – Surfkill
Raffertie – Twitch (It Grows & Grows) – Ninja Tune
Zed Bias – Phoneline fear. Rosco Trim (Maddslinky Remix) – Tru Thoughts
Sepalcure – Love Pressure (Lando Kal Remix) – Hotflush
Dizz1 & Royalston – Decay (The Dickhead Riddim) – Forthcoming Black Acre
Kuoyah – Convex Gravity (Desto Remix) – Frijsfo Beats
Cardopusher – Tu Bizcochito – Enchufada
Schlachthofbronx – Backup Run – Enchufada
Walton – Aggy – Forthcoming Hyperdub
Admiral Bailey – Jump Up (Terror Danjah Vocal Remix) – Harddrive
Damu – Karolinas Magic J – Keysound Recordings

Laurent selection ft. Om Unit
Shlohmo – Places – Friends of Friends
Dabrye – We’ve Got Commodity – Ghostly
Flash Bang Grenada (Busdriver and Nocando) – Beat My Bitch (prod. by Nosajthing) – Hellfyre Club
Thundercat – Boat Cruise – Brainfeeder
ichiro_ – one4c – Oilworks
Danny Brown – Die Like A Rockstar – Fools Gold, free DL
B. Lewis – Code(x) – Juslikemusic
Jonwayne – Murderface – Free download
Lunice – Glow – LuckyMe
Sully – Scram – Forthcoming Keysound Recordings
Krampfhaft – I Needed You – Rwina
Instra:mental – No Future (Consequence Remix) – Free download
Sarantis – Scanner Riddim – Forthcoming Senseless
F – Slow Down – Forthcoming 7even recordings
xxxy – Body Movin’ – Infrasonics
Goth Trad ft. Max Romeo – Babylon Fall – Forthcoming Deep Medi
Sully – 2Hearts – Forthcoming Keysound Recordings
Roots Manuva – Get The Get (Breakage Remix) – Forthcoming Ninja Tune
Blackwax – Offkey – Forthcoming Tube10
King Midas Sound – Goodbye Girl (Kuedo remix) – Hyperdub
LDFD – Twerk It – Magical Properties
Visionist – Survive – Diskotopia
Touchy Subject – Wicked Act – Forthcoming Numbers
Arkist – Fill Your Coffee – Applepips
The Phantom – The Phantom (Devil Artic mix) – Senseless
Throwing Snow – The Luck Without – Nihon Kizuna
*Secret Track* – World premiere

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RIRS Podcast July 2011! [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Not letting distance stop them, our Tokyo duo XLII and Broken Haze return for the July installment of their RIRS show with XLII currently touring Europe and Broken Haze back in Tokyo holding things down. The internet is after all a wonderful thing (hell this show wouldn’t be possible without it after all) and XLII’s been working hard in between gigs and holidaying to get this show in.

As always with the pair it’s a jam packed hour of dancefloor killers and new sounds for your ears with music from Digi G’Alessio in Italy, Ital Tek’s latest release, new unreleased jams from Quitter and Bobby Tank, Munchi, Sines, D.O.K, Baobinga’s latest compilation on his own Build recordings and a new track from XLII as well.

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We’ll close July with the normal Rhythm Incursions podcast on Friday before a series of long promised Japan live sets in association with Percussion Lab start in August. Till then crank it up loud and enjoy!

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XLII Selection 1
Digi G’Alessio – OMFG – Fresh Yo Label
Knight Riderz – Moon Booty – Seclusiasis
Munchi – Paperchase – Self Released
Quitter – Odious – Unreleased
Ital Tek – Whip It Up – Atom River

Broken Haze Selection 1
Knight Riderz – Enter Reality – Muti Music
The Glitch Mob – We can make the world stop – Glass Air
Rusko – Everyday Netsky Remix (Habanero Posse Remix) – Free Download
Bobby Tank – Timerider – Unreleased
SBTRKT – Never Never – Young Turks

XLII Selection 2
Sines – Z Riddim – Car Crash Set
Anti-G – Full up – Planet Mu
XLII – Battman?! – Forthcoming
Offshore – Pepper – Forthcoming Big Dada
River of Slime – Volume One (S-type Remix) – Phuture Labs

Broken Haze Selection 2
Darq E Freaker – Cherryade – Oil Gang
KRSUR – You’re So Glow (Nino Remix) – Myor
Mononofrog_4sk – Soda Float – Lowfer Records
D.O.K. – East Coast – Hyperdub
Ginz & Boabinga – Heartburst Riddim – Build

RIRS Podcast June 2011! [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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Our Tokyo dynamic duo returns for another session, not letting the fact that one half – XLII – is in Europe for the next few months get in the way of bringing you the freshest dancefloor sounds.

As always it’s an epic hour long ride into new and recently released music with the likes of Untold, Starkey, Wiley, Monolithium, Girl Unit, Geste, Virus Syndicate and more all making an appearance. Also included in this month’s show is a preview of Broken Haze’s new split EP with B. Bravo and new music from Raid System family member Eccy.

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The June Rhythm Incursions has been cancelled due to some other commitments but it’ll be back in July with plenty of new stuff as always and before that we’ll be kick starting our special Japanese summer, details of which will be coming shortly – if you want the info before anyone else just sign up to our newsletter!

For now though crank the volume and enjoy

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XLII selection 1
Wiley – Yonge Street (1,178 Miles Long) – Big Dada
Captain Panic – Screamer (Drumstep Mix) – Heavy Artillery Recordings
DCaris – All in – Simplify Recordings
Daniel Haaksman feat. Roxxxy Bione – Bomba (NEKI Moombahton Edit) – Man Recordings, free download
Opiuo – Moose Tooth – Addictech Records

Broken Haze selection 1
Broken Haze – Sunday Night (Broken Haze Version) – Raid System
Monolithium – Simon & G-Funk (Ango Remix) – Error Broadcast
Hudson Mohawke – Thunder Bay – Warp
Starkey – Sunlight – Civil Music
Kingdom & Girl Unit – Ride it every time – Night Slugs

XLII selection 2
Jup1ter – Asteroid (Quad Step m1x) – L2S Recordings
Eccy – Digital Air Mode – Forthcoming Slye Records
Redlight – Source 16 – Digital Soundboy
Retrotation – Drops in the desert (Splatinum Remix) – Vermin Street
Geste – The Eating Concrete (Turnsteak Remix) – Forthcoming Equinox Recordings

Broken Haze Selection 2
Redinho – Power look – Numbers
Virus Syndicate – Your Life (Funkystepz Remix) – Safe & Sound
Charli XCX – Stay Away T. Williams Dub – This Is Music
Untold – Cool Story Bro – Hessle Audio
Jamie XX – Far Nearer – Numbers


Our dynamic duo from Tokyo, XLII and Broken Haze, return for the May instalment of their RIRS show – with Broken Haze sporting a bit of a cold apparently (you need to work less bro!).

As always it’s an hour long incursion into dancefloor friendly riddims and headnod bangers from the likes of Wiley, Lil Silva, Africa Hitech, Funkystepz Jason Burns, Codes, fLako, Jazzsteppa and more including forthcoming tracks from Machinedrum, HxDB and more.

You can download and/or stream the show below or simply subscribe to the iTunes/RSS feed (below or to the side) and receive all the shows directly to your inbox/desktop.

Crank the volume to 11 and enjoy!

Download RIRS May 2011 (right click and save as)

XLII selection 1

XLII – Broke Tongues – Forthcoming
Griz – Kaptain Krunk – Free Download
fLako – Wedjit – Project Mooncircle
Comma – Mezcal Hologram – Frite Nite
Barbara Panther – Empire (Lorn Remix) – City Slang (Free Download)

Broken Haze selection 1

Funkystepz – Caution – Forever Live Young
Lil Silva – Patience – Forthcoming Good Years
Wiley – It’s Wiley – Showa Eski Riddim
Royal T – 1up – Butterz
Hyetal – Beach Scene – Forthcoming Black Acre

XLII selection 2

HxDB – Savage Pets – Forthcoming Brownswood Recordings
Chris Brown – Look at Me Now feat. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne (Codes Remix) – Free download
David Starfire – Load (Love and Light Remix) – Six Degrees Records
Jazzsteppa & Foreign Beggars – Raising The Bar – Forthcoming Studio Rockers
Zdot – Fire Bars (Remix) – A New Light

Broken Haze selection 2

The Weekend – High For This (NastyNasty Remix) – Free download
Africa Hitech – Out In The Streets – Warp
Machinedrum – Fantastix – Forthcoming Planet Mu
DJ Fresh – Louder feat. Sian Evans (Flux Pavilion & Doctor P Remix) – Free download
Jason Burns – Back to you – Free download

RIRS Podcast April! Out Now!

We end the month of April with a delayed show from our Tokyo presenters, Raid System. Following the rather hectic times we had in Japan over the last two months we’ll be resuming regular broadcasting schedules as of May – Primus Luta will return on the second monday of the month, Raid System on the third and myself on the fourth (though I’ll likely be doing two shows in May to catch up on stuff).

On with the music though – our dynamic duo of XLII and Broken Haze return with an hour long dose of fresh new music featuring some of the tracks from our Nihon Kizuna compilation alongside new music from Nino, Tippper, Atropolis, Slugabed, Reso, Ooah, Zed’s Dead, Baobinga and many more. As always it’s a perfect balance of club friendly tracks and more mellow ones.

You can download and/or stream the show below, or simply subscribe via RSS/iTunes/email and receive all the shows in your inbox/reader as they come.

Enjoy this one as always and be sure to tell a friend!

Download Rhythm Incursions x Raid System aka RIRS April 2011 (right click and save as)


XLII selection 1
YoggyOne – Grey’s Back – Eklektik Records / Nihon Kizuna Bonus [Free Download]
Slugabed – Heck Flex – Forthcoming Ninja Tune
Brotto – Grassland (Planet Soap Remix) – Tea And Cake Records
Tipper – Big Question Small Head – Tippermusic
XLII – Standuptall Nippon – Nihon Kizuna

Broken Haze Selection 1
Broken Haze – Move Forward – Nihon Kizuna
Dark Sky – High Rise – Forthcoming Blunted Robots
Baobinga and Hyetal – Anything For Now – Build Recordings
501 – St. Ives – Rwina Records
Rachet – Hyper Dimention – Rwina Records

XLII Selection 2
Atropolis – Mbria Funk – Atropolis – Dutty Artz
Blawan – Bohla – R&S Records
Guttstar – Panda Dance – Double Healix [Free download]
Nino – Buio Omega – Forthcoming Donky Pitch
Zeds Dead – White Satin – Floor Banger

Broken Haze Selection 2
Reso – War Machine – Civil Music
Rusko – Everyday (Netsky Remix) – Mad Decent
OOAH – The Love I Need – Soundcloud [Free download]
Stephan Jacobs – In The Vortex – Simplify Recordings
Lokid – Infinite Lives – Self Released

RIRS Podcast! February 2011! [Free Download]

Check the original post here: http://www.rhythm-incursions.com/2011/02/22/rhythm-incursions-raid-system-aka-rirs-february-11/ Been a bit of a quiet, yet busy, February for us – fear not though as the Raid System Tokyo family keeps us going into the colder months of the year. Coming strong as always with a wide selection of dancefloor friendly styles the dynamic duo of XLII and Broken Haze deliver over an hour of fresh new sounds from Brainfeeder, Civil Music, MJ Cole, Freddy Todd, Nit Grit, Audace, Erik L and more. I’ll be heading out to Japan for six weeks next month, including a bunch of gigs with the boys – so stay tuned for details of special shows and live broadcasts which we’ll announce in due time. As always just sign up to the newsletter and you won’t miss a beat. For now though sit back and enjoy. Simply stream or download below – alternatively sign up to our RSS/iTunes feeds and get the podcasts directly to your inbox. Enjoy! Download RIRS February 2011 (right click and save as) XLII selection: Audace – In Space – Forthcoming Inductive Declaime – The Great Smoke Out – URB.net Erik L & Illingsworth – Love of Music – Soularp Lopez – JP3 – Forthcoming Keep Up Records Ramb Camp – Southside x Northside feat. JFK & Big Joe (XLII Remix) – Free Download Broken Haze selection: Samples – Boss – True Movement Knight Riderz – Bring it – True Movement Kraddy – Minotaur (Stephan Jacobs Remix) – Free Download Freddy Todd – West End Of Out There – Simplify This Is This – StickBubbly – Betamorph recordings XLII selection 2: Mono/Poly – Needs Deodorant – Forthcoming Brainfeeder Siriusmo – Feed My Meatmachine – Forthcoming Monkeytown records Toddska – Cowboy – Girls Music Eccy – Old Snake Rapier (Sam Tiba & Myd Remix) – Forthcoming Slye Records MJ Cole & Wiley – From The Drop (MJ’s Drop Dub) – Prolific Recordings Broken Haze selection 2: Jonny Faith – Azzeemo (Bzode! Remix) – Civil Music Modestep – Feel Good – UKF Tony Anthem & Axl Ender – Different Shit – Dubmonkey Nit Grit – Hyphycide Missill – Invincible feat. Spoek Mathambo (Mochipet Remix ) – Atmospherique Related content:

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RIRS Podcast January 2011! [Free Download]!

New Podcast is out now!


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Our Tokyo residents return fresh for 2011 with their first show of the year including some new music from them as well as a heavy selection that seems to take in quite a lot from the Muti Music label. Alongside this you’ve got new and recent favourites from Arp 101, Reso, Nero, Starkey and more – the usual bass heavy, loud selection you’ve no doubt come to expect from our Japanese/Ukrainian duo!

Don’t forget that you can hear and buy all of XLII and Broken Haze’s music via their own Raid System site – as well as check out their monthly Ustream session (which is also linked and embedded in our Ustream page).

Keeping it short and sweet this month as I’m exhausted and well, I’ll let the boys and the music speak for themselves. As always you can download and/or stream the show below, or simply subscribe via RSS/iTunes/email and never miss a show.

Next up are guest mixes from Mophono and Snatchatec as well as the regular show from myself.


Download Raid System – RIRS (right click and save as)


XLII selection
SeventhSwami – I can fix things – Muti Music
Love & Light – Funkin Lovely – Muti Music 0
Subvert – Speaker Humpin (Knight Riderz Remix) – Muti Music
Daniel Haaksman – Hands Up feat. Seguindo Sonhos (French Fries Remix) – Man Recordings
Arp 101 – Flush – Eglo Records

Broken Haze selection
Stephan Jacobs + Sugarpill – Level Attack – Muti Music
Knight Riderz – Put You On The Game – Muti Music
Jillian Ann and Love & Light – Know Us(Sugar Pill Remix) – Simplify Recordings
Freddy Todd – Winter Soulstice – Free Download
Minnesota – Space Mountain – Gruntworthy

XLII selection 2
Warrior One – Lord of Bashy (douster Remix) – Mixpak records
XLII – G-man Disco Thug Machine – Forthcoming
Urban Assault – Dope – Heavy Artillery
Ku Bo – And You feat. Joyce Muniz – Man Recordings
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs feat. Riko – Blood Pressure – Greco Roman

Broken Haze selection 2
Noisses, Hollie Cook – Show Them – Bullet Train Records
Nero – Me & You – MTA
Reso – Beasts In the Basement V.I.P – Free download
The Lowbrows – Bubble (Broken Haze remix) – Forthcoming
Starkey – Playing With Fire – Civil Music

RIRS Podcast 2010 Year End Special!

The Year End Special RIRS Podcast is available for download now!

Raid System 2010 Top 20 recorded LIVE at Jar-Beat Records in Kichijoji!

check the original post here: http://www.rhythm-incursions.com/2010/12/20/rhythm-incursions-raid-system-aka-rirs-%E2%80%93-december-2010/

“We roll into the last two shows of the year as the cold continues to descent here on London. First up is the Raid System family from Tokyo with their end of year show which was recorded live this past saturday during their monthly Ustream session which takes place at Asa’s JarBeat record shop in Tokyo’s Kichijyoji. The guys decided to forego the usual pre-recorded show for a live countdown of their 20 tracks of 2010. Apparently Broken Haze got rather drunk in the process, courtesy of Asa serving him tequila shots to rather interesting results. I’ll let you discover those for yourself.

Remember that you can browse, listen to and download all previous shows by the guys from our RIRS archive – which goes back to the show’s debut in April this year.

As for the tracklist we won’t be posting it for another week, to leave a small element of surprise to the show’s countdown. We’ll post the tracklist as of next week though!

For now I’ll let you enjoy Raid System’s top 20 tracks of 2010, recorded live at JarBeat records. For more on the boys don’t forget to check their site, and as always you can stream and/or download below or simply subscribe to the RSS/iTunes/email and never a miss a show!

Last show of the year will be my own best of 2010 round up which will drop early next week on the 28th if all goes to plan. Enjoy!

Download Rhythm Incursions x Raid System aka RIRS December 2010 (right click and save as)

Available from December 27th.”

Podcast! RIRS Nov 2010 is out now!

The November RIRS is out now! Enjoy! :)

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Our dynamic duo from Tokyo returns with another packed show this month. XLII and Broken Haze aka Raid System deliver another packed hour long show that delves into all things bass-heavy, funky and dancefloor orientated with new bits from the likes of Bomb Zombies, J Kenzo, Stateless, Terror Danjah, Girl Unit, Lazer Sword, S-Type, Sub Swara, Kraddy and more.

As always the show comes to you from the duo’s Tokyo studios and is split into 4 selections, 2 from each producer. Full tracklist below with links to all the relevant labels and artists sites where you can buy or find out more about the music. Stay tuned for details of the pair’s end of year special next month and in the meantime be sure to check their recently released free track from XLII and BD 1982, who also both feature in this month’s show.

Download or stream below, or subscribe via RSS, iTunes or email to never miss a show. Enjoy!

Download RIRS November 2010 (right click and save as)


XLII Selection
Bomb Zombies – Payola – Hellfyre Club
Killing Skills – Van Dijck Brown – Project Mooncircle
DELS – Trumpalump – Big Dada
Sub Swara – Schemes – Sub Swara
Siriusmo – Das Geheimnis – Monkeytown Records

Broken Haze Selection
Kuchiroro – Hip Hop no Shoki Shodo (Broken haze x Mackdaddy Remix) – Commons
S-Type – Mr Lizard – Phuturelabs
Kraddy feat. Juice Aleem and Justice – Let Go – Minotaur
Powell – Smack my Glitch Hop – Robox-Neotech
Lazer Sword ft. Turf Talk – I’m Gone (Rustie Remix) – Innovative Leisure

XLII Selection 2
XLII vs BD1982 – Envy Riddim (MC Zulu Version) – Raid System (free download)
J Kenzo – Ruckus – Kicks and Snares
Skrillex – Kill Everybody – Mau5trap
Stateless – Ariel (Dark Sky Remix) – Ninja Tune
Terror Danjah – Acid – Hyperdub

Broken Haze Selection 2
Halp – Leek – Seclusiasis
Girl Unit – Wut – Night Slugs
Jamiroquai – Blue Skies (Flux Pavilion Remix)
Skrillex – Scatta (with Foreign Beggars & Bare Noize) – Mau5trap
BD1982 – Trails – Seclusiasis

RIRS Podcast October '10!

Original page: http://www.rhythm-incursions.com/2010/10/18/rhythm-incursions-raid-system-aka-rirs-%E2%80%93-october-%E2%80%9910/ Next up this month is our regular serving of fresh new sounds from Tokyo, courtesy of the Raid System tag team XLII and Broken Haze. With a raft of gigs and other engagements recently, it would appear this podcast reaches us from the back of a car speeding at 140 km/h on the outskirts of central Tokyo if XLII is to be believed. Despite the conditions the boys have come through with the usual thickness of bass heavy sounds and other sonic goodies. This month we’ve got new music from Warp golden boys Flying Lotus and Rustie, Flux Pavillion and Foreign Beggars, edIT remixing Machinedrum, Blixaboy, Ramadanman, Slugabed giving Roots Manuva’s classic Witness a ridiculous stomping treatment, and a whole lot more. So as always strap in and get ready for the ride. Links to download/stream are below, and remember to sign up to our iTunes/RSS/email to stay updated automatically. No RIPL show this month due to life technicalities, but Dday One is up next this Friday instead. Back next month with the regular roster. Enjoy! Download RIRS – October ’10 (right click and save as) Tracklist: XLII selection Blixaboy – Lion Eyes feat. Emil Rapstine – Kliks and Politiks Ramadanman – Pitter – Monkeytown Records Marco Del Horno v DJ Swerve feat. P Money – HO! Riddim – Black Butter Don Diablo & Example – Hooligans (Wire Remix) – Data Records Diplo feat. Lil’ Jon – U Don’t Like Me – Mad Decent Broken Haze selection Flux Pavilion feat. Foreign Beggars – Lines in Wax – Circus Records The Awakening – Nit Grit – Simplify recordings Elroy 4.0 – Boss Master Battle (Epoch’s One Must Fall Remix) – Amecca Records +verb – empty hearted – Car Crash Set Rustie – Hyperthurst – Warp XLII selection 2 Mochipet – Mochipet Is Evil feat. MC Zulu (BD1982 Remix) – Forthcoming Daly City records Skrillex feat. Sirah – Weekends – Blood Company, free download Calverton & Qalvr – Raw 2 Da Floor – Free download Afrojack – Polkadots (Oliver Twizt Remix) – Spinnin Records Bart B – Brap – Lektroluv Broken Haze selection 2 Roots Manuva – Witness (Slugabed remix) – Ninja Tune Machinedrum – Let It (edIT remix) – Stones throw 813 – Asia – Free download Rustie – Dragonfly – Warp Flying Lotus – PieFace – Warp Related content:

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RIRS Podcast Sep 2010 Out Now!

Check the original post here: http://www.rhythm-incursions.com/2010/09/21/rhythm-incursions-raid-system-aka-rirs-september-10/ “Our dynamic Tokyo duo returns with their September show, once more packing a mighty punch into just under an hour. After testing a shorter version of their show with only one selection each last month, XLII and Broken Haze aka Raid System have gone back to their original format, with two shorter selections each. Up this month they’ve got new and forthcoming releases from Fulgeance, Error Broadcast, Robot Koch, Breach, Darling Farah, High Rankin, Doshy, Trouble & Bass, D Double E and more. From grime to hip hop, dubstep to electro it’s as ever an eclectic and energetic ride, perfect to get you through the forthcoming week. You can download and/or stream the show below, or register to our iTunes/RSS channels or email newsletter and never miss a show! Stay tuned for a guest mix on Friday (TBC) and our regular Rhythm Inc show next week before we hit the winter months with some tasty guest mixes from Project Mooncircle, FoF, Darkhouse Family and of course our regular selections. Till then, crank the volume up and enjoy! Download RIRS September 2010 (right click and save as) Tracklist XLII Selection Fulgeance – Chopped & Screwed – Forthcoming Musique Large Robot Koch – Night On Mars – Forthcoming Project:Mooncircle Yungun feat. Viceman & Maya Jupiter – Gringo Lingo part 2 (C.O.N.E. Remix) – Footsteppa Breach – Fatherless – Ramp Recordings Darling Farah – Berline (A Taut Line Remix) – Forthcoming Civil Music Broken Haze Selection Redlight – MDMA – MTA Ramadanman – Work them – Swamp 81 Symbio – The Gasps and Fissures Parade (XI Remix) – Blipswitch Digital Doshy – Stiff feat. Stiff – Robox Neotech Moa Pillar – Water Lily – Error Broadcast XLII Selection 2 Unitz – Funky Junky – Circus AC Slater & Mumdance feat. Badness & 77 Klash – Transatlantic Riddim – Trouble & Bass Recordings Plan B – She Said (16bit Remix) – 679 Recs D Double E – Street Fighter Riddim – Dirtee Stank Example – Dirty Face (Benga Remix) – DATA Records Broken Haze selection 2 Medison feat. Skrein – Harry (Barenoize Remix) – Dented records 501 – Echo In My Head – NSFW High Rankin – Cut you down – Suicide Dub Blu Mar Ten- Nobody here (Kastle Remix) – Blu Mar Ten UK Drop Top – Machete(High Rankin Remix) – Suicide Dub

RIRS Podcast Aug 2010!

Original post here: http://www.rhythm-incursions.com/2010/08/20/rhythm-incursions-raid-system-aka-rirs-august-10/ The Raid System duo returns from Tokyo with a selection that starts on a mellow tip before moving to more banging numbers. Forthcoming and exclusives mixed alongside recent favourites from the likes of Eskmo, XLII and Broken Haze, El-P, Onra, Kelpe, Skream, Terror Danjah, DZA, Reso and more. It’s tasty as always and perfect for Friday moods whether you stay at home or go out this weekend. XLII and Broken Haze have also opted for a lighter show this month with one selection each instead of their usual two. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments, is less the new more or is more still the better more? The show is available to download and stream below and regular subscribers should have it on their computers or on its way right now. Remember our iTunes and RSS feeds are the surest way to get your hands on the shows without having to move more than a few fingers. Stay tuned for our final guest mix of the month next week from My Dry Wet Mess, latest signings to Daedelus’ label, and then we round off the month with our regular show next friday. Download RIRS August 2010 (right click and save as) Tracklist: XLII Selection Eskmo – Cloudlight – Forthcoming Ninja Tune Skream feat. Sa – Where You Should Be – Hydra Records/Tempa SBTRKT & Sampha – Break Off – Ramp Recordings El-P – I got this (El-P Remix) Redux – Gold Dust Media DJ Audace – Trash (XLII Remix) – Forthcoming Musou Production Kelpe – Margins – Forthcoming Black Acre / Team Acre Onra – The One (Another Wajeed Remix) – All City Records Pixelord vs Onyx – Free Download Pretty Lights – Hot Like Dimes – Pretty Lights Music, Free Download Broken Haze Selection Dirty Vegas – Days Go By (MiMOSA REMIX) – Free Download Freestylers feat. Belle Humble – Cracks (Flux Pavillion Remix) – Never Say Die Nit Grit – Grit Shifter – Free Download DZA – Eskimo (Demokracy Remix) – Error Broadcast Terror Danjah – Bruzin VIP – Hyperdub KASTLE – Better Alone (Starkey Remix) – Seclusiasis Reso – Technetium – Audio Phreaks Broken Haze – CODE – Made In Glitch La Roux – In for the kill (Slugabed rekindle) – Numbers