Rhythm Incursions / Raid System aka RIRS!


Rhythm Incursions Presents: Raid System Podcast!!!

http://www.rhythm-incursions.com/ Myself & Broken Haze have started a new regular show on Rhythm Incursions called [Rhythm Incursion / Raid System podcast] aka [RIRS] this month. These shows will be coming out on a regular basis 3rd week of every month and feature a lot of new and unreleased music from around the world. Me & Broken Haze are also presenting the show, so you will be exposed to a lot of geeky, biased and opinionated beat talk. It’s great! ;) Download it now here: http://www.rhythm-incursions.com/downloads/Rhythm_Incursions_-_Presented_by_Raid_System_May10.mp3 Or subscribe on iTunes to receive all podcasts automatically as they come out: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=78013472 “XLII and Broken Haze have put together a selection of new and forthcoming releases for you this month. Each show will feature segments presented by each of them, going back to back. This first show features a selection of new music from many of our favourites like Starkey, Paul White, Planet Mu and Lorn alongside many new artists who we haven’t featured in the past. So without further ado please welcome our latest presenters to the Rhythm Incursions family – XLII and Broken Haze. As usual direct download link and stream are below. If you don’t want to miss a show please subscribe via our RSS or iTunes feeds (links in the sidebar).” ********************************************************** UKのRhythm IncursionsネットラジオによるXLII&Broken Hazeの新しい番組を始まりました。Rhythm Incursions / Raid SystemでRIRSという番組です。 毎月第3週にダウンロードができます。僕とBroken Haze君がセレクトした最新とまだ発売されてない音楽の紹介番組です。2人でその1ヶ月で一番ハマッタ音楽をB2Bでミックスして、アーティストやリリースを紹介しながら、プレイします。 詳しくは: http://www.rhythm-incursions.com/ 今月のRIRSをここでダウンロードしてください: http://www.rhythm-incursions.com/downloads/Rhythm_Incursions_-_Presented_by_Raid_System_May10.mp3 またはiTunesを使える人は毎月毎月無料自動ダウンロード登録も可能です。 こちらです: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=78013472 よろしくお願いします!