Nihon Kizuna donation towards Fukushima indoor park project!

We have transferred ¥43578 towards the building of an Indoor Park in Fukushima. This was the money we gathered during our Nihon Kizuna 2 year event in March. Thank you to everyone who came through and donated! We decided to not go with Red Cross this time and it took a while to find a charity that does something that we felt was relevant and tangible. Creating an indoor space for kids with lots of fun activities in an area where it isn’t very healthy to be outside really felt like such a project.

If you like this project, please also donate a little bit to make it happen!


3月のNihon Kizuna 2周年イベントで集まった寄付金(43578円)を福島インドアパーク建設プロジェクトに振り込みました!寄付してくれた皆様ありがとうございました!今回こそ赤十字じゃなくて、もうちょい小ちゃくて、ローカルで頑張ってるチャリティーに寄付しようと思って、いいプロジェクトを探す事に時間かかりましたが、最終的にHatosバーの繋がりで福島で子供が室内でも十分楽しめるパークを作ろうとしてるチャリティーに振り込みました。凄くいいプロジェクトだと思いますので、興味がある人是非ちょっとでも寄付してみてください!