Exhibition! Feb 18th! EvilThell's Art @ Hatos Bar!

EvilThell is the shit! Seriously! He is the dude responsible for some of the sickest art I’ve ever seen. He provided the art for the cover of my album Ego Friendly (and the inside art as well) and he was the guy who drew that mental graffiti piece that says XLII in sword blades. The one I keep on spamming everywhere!

Come through and check this guy’s art this Friday at Hatos Bar. Free Entry, good music, craft beer, BBQ ribs and SICK ART! :)

EvilTHelL Art Exhibition @ Hatos Bar, Daikanyama / Naka-Meguro

Opening Party DATE: February 18th

DOOR open: 19:00 (Music Start 20:00)

XLII (Raid System, http://raids.jp/)
Repeat Pattern (Lo-Vibes/Cascade Records, http://soundcloud.com/lo-vibes)
Blunt (Hatos Rec., http://www.hatos.org/)

EvilTHelL Art:

Hatos Bar: