8/12: XLII @ Sankeys, Tokyo w/DJ IKU, DJ SN-Z

今週金曜日Sankeys Tokyo (元Air)でDJ IKU君のリリパ!IKU君タンテブリストのスキルとセンスの良さとエンターテイメントのバランスは完璧過ぎて、実はめっちゃ羨ましいww

DJ IKU release party @ Sankeys Tokyo (ex-Air) this Friday!
Super looking forward to this one cos Iku got that amazing balance of turntablism, good taste and entertainment.
And man like SN-Z from Ozrosaurus. I went out in Yokohama last year and happen to see his set then, and it was still one of the most memorable sets of 2015 for me. So tight, entertaining and he was doing some crazy shit blending acapellas on the fly over a variety of beats that I didn’t even know was possible.
This will be my last Tokyo gig for a while as I’ll be on the move again for a few weeks, so come do that summer thing with me!