20/20 Raid System Radio @ UStream & Jar Beat Record

2010/02/20(sat) 23:30 (Tokyo Time) @ UStream & Jar Beat Record 14:30 (London Time) / 09:30 (New York) / 6:30 (Los Angeles) / 16:30 (Kiev) / 22:30 (Hong Kong) / 12:30 (Sao Paulo) Watch it Live here: [Ustream] http://www.ustream.tv/channel/raid-system-radio Twitterで情報を随時アップデートしますので、お見逃しなく! Keep your eyes open for further updates on Twitter! Follow the link below! [TWITTER] http://twitter.com/raidsystem_jp Low End TheoryやBrainfeeder、Lucky meなどから発信されるFlying LotusやRAS-G、Gas Lamp Killer、Hudson Mohawkeなどが盛り上げる次世代ビートシーン、日本でも革命が起きています。トラックメーカー、ターンテーブリストによるDJをお見逃しなく。 Raid System Radio is the first online video streaming radio station in Japan starring Japan’s leading producers, DJs & MCs & bringing you the sickest, the wickedest, the wonkiest & crankiest music LIVE straight from the legendary Jar-Beat Records store in the musical heart of Tokyo! Watch it live on UStream or come & bounce with us at the store! [DJs] Eccy broken haze Conflict XLII KEN ONE Online video chat by Ustream