10/29: XXXSSS Tokyo @ Yebisu Ya Pro, Okayama

ゾンビーや幽霊の皆様逆に仮装せず自分のままで来てください!笑💀💀👻👻 Okayama family!
XXXSSS Tokyo is in your city next Sat, 10/29 @ Yebisu Ya Pro!
It’s Halloween and we’re bringing that tropical zombie apocalypse. 🎃
And if u really go for it with your dress up, you can cop ¥160,000 at the costume contest. Go Hard!
Ghosts, werewolves and recently deceased people, no need to dress up for the occasion, just come as your natural selves! 💀💀👻👻
We prepping a bare dance floor murdaration, u won’t leave alive! 🔫🔫🎉🎉